The 15 Best Netflix Movies According to Critics

Netflix's catalog is quite extensive, but this time we are going to tell you which are the 15 best Netflix movies according to critics.
The 15 Best Netflix Movies According to Critics

Last update: 07 July, 2023

If you don’t know what movies to watch on Netflix, then this is the post for you. We’ve gathered a selection of the best-rated movies by critics and audiences. In this list, you will find films of all kinds, since you probably already know that Netflix’s goal is to please its subscribers with the best productions suitable for all tastes.

Although it can be said that the platform doesn’t always get it right, it has some hidden gems that are must-sees for all lovers of good cinema. If that’s you, then read on to discover the list.

The critics have spoken: These are the highest-rated Netflix movies

Netflix’s catalog is so extensive that many times, its suggestions focus on the most commercial and recent productions. Although this isn’t a bad thing, there are some titles that have been rated as the best by critics.

With this in mind, we’re going to to a closer look at the movies that have truly been rated the best bets on this platform by film critics.

1. Pinocchio

The most recent version of the Pinocchio movie directed by Guillermo del Toro tops this list because it’s a truly spectacular production. In fact, it was so acclaimed by audiences and critics that it was the winner of the Oscar in 2023, in the category of Best Animated Feature.

This production is a real gem. It made using the stop motion technique and took 15 years to produce. In large part, the delay in production was due to the fact that no studio was willing to finance the work that required a high investment. However, Netflix accepted the challenge and it was well worth it.

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2. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Directed by Rian Johnson, the film Glass Onion: A Knive Out Mystery, was positioned as one of the most critically acclaimed films, giving continuity to the story starring British actor Daniel Craig. This comedy focuses on the adventures of detective Benoit Blanc who assumes the challenge of a new mystery to discover and solve.

3. Athena

Athena is a film directed by Romain Gavras that was released in 2022, the year in which it was positioned as one of the best. Currently, it continues to be talked about because it’s one of the most outstanding productions that can be found on this platform.

The French film is based on the story of four brothers who, due to different circumstances, end up at odds with each other. The recurring leitmotif in the film is the story of Cain and Abel.

4. The Power of the Dog

Jane Campion managed to captivate critics with The Power of the Dog, released in 2021. This western tells the story of Phil and George Burbank, two polar opposites. The former is played by Benedict Cumberbatch, who received a standing ovation at the premiere held at the Venice Film Festival.

5. A Marriage Story

Noah Baumbach brings us Scarlett Johansson in a rarely seen facet of the actress in the film A Marriage Story. Together with Adam Driver, they give life to a marriage in the process of separation that shows the starkest side of a breakup, which not only affects the couple, but also their children.

6. Don’t Look Up

Don’t Look Up premiered in 2021 and was very well received by critics and audiences on the streaming platform. It’s even still widely viewed today. Director Adam McKay brought together acting greats such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Jonah Hill, Mark Rylance, Timothée Chalamet, and Ariana Grande.

Its critique of society, social media, and its take on the climate crisis are invaluable components of the production.

7. Enola Holmes and Enola Holmes 2

The two Enola Holmes movies are on Netflix and have been among the highest rated by critics. Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown have known how to make viewers fall in love with their adventures and family secrets.

Although this is considered to be a commercial movie by many, it has several factors that make it well worth a watch.

8. Hustle

Adam Sandler is the protagonist of Hustle, a movie that was released in 2022 in which he plays a basketball coach who signs a great player that could help him consolidate his career if it weren’t for his multiple personal and family problems. Undoubtedly, this is a film to reflect on.

9. The Irishman

In 2019, Martin Scorsese surprised everyone with the film The Irishman, starring Al Pacino, Robert de Niro, and Joe Pesci. Precisely, this meeting of great actors was what brought this production to the center stage when it was first released.

For critics, this is a great movie, but for some viewers, it’s quite a sleeping pill, since it’s quite long and requires concentration not to miss the details. Watch it yourself and take your own stance.

10. The Last Thing He Wanted

Once again, Anne Hathaway surprises us with a performance that takes her out of her comfort zone, playing a veteran journalist who ends up involved in arms trafficking as a government infiltrator. The Last Thing He Wanted is the story adapted to film from the book of the same name written by Joan Didion, in the hands of film director and screenwriter Dee Rees.

11. Extraction

A few weeks ago, the second part of Extraction was released, a movie that hit the Netflix screen in 2020, starring Chris Hemsworth. Involved in the black market, this legendary mercenary saves the son of an Indian mob boss at the cost of his own well-being. Both the first and the second film take place in a single batch of thrills and extreme action.

12. Triple Frontier

Directed in 2019 by J.C. Chandor, Triple Frontier is a film that continues to be critically acclaimed. This is due, in large part, to its protagonists who are great movie legends such as Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, and Pedro Pascal. This group of ex-military veterans immerses the audience in a series of heists and adventures with the objective of taking out a drug dealer.

13. Mudbound

Director Dee Rees must be doing something right for her productions to be critically acclaimed. On this occasion, Mudbound is a stark portrait of racism in the United States. The inspiration for this production is the novel by Hillary Jordan, which exposes the racial history lived in the south of this country during World War II.

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14. The Trial of the Chicago 7

In 2020, Aaron Sorkin delivered one of the most critically acclaimed films to Netflix: The Trial of the Chicago 7. The cast is headed by figures such as Sacha Baron Cohen, Eddie Redmayne, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who bring to life a racial and social drama based on real-life events.

Specifically, this film deals with the story of a group of demonstrators opposed to the Vietnam War, who were subjected to a judicial farce aimed at preventing new movements of this type.

15. The Mitchells vs. the Machines

We conclude this list of Netflix movies, best rated by critics, with an animated film that stole the hearts of viewers: The Mitchells vs. the Machines. This production was directed by Michael Riand and Jeff Rowe and won the Annie Awards in 2021.

This 3D animated comedy tells the story of the Mitchel family, whose members become saviors in a time when machines threaten humanity.

It’s your turn to be the critic: Rate your favorite Netflix movie!

In this article, we’ve shared 15 of the Netflix movies that have been best rated by critics for you to watch and give your own rating. These productions have marked a milestone in recent years, many are trending, and all of them definitely deserve a watch.

Which one do you think you’ll like the most?

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