Editorial policy

Everything related to health raises questions. And the abundant amount of data on the internet can make decision-making complicated. That’s why our goal is simple: Providing you with health information that’s reliable, easy to understand, and oriented toward improving your well-being.

Our editorial vision

We’re a reliable health and wellness portal for readers. We use a clear and simple language to resolve doubts, provide quality information, and offer advice and recommendations to improve your quality of life.

Among the great amount of health information available on the Internet, Step to Health guarantees that what you’ll find here is certified by professionals, with data that’s up to date and based on science.

You’ll find in our portal a kind of positive information to take care of yourself and improve your life. We want you to make the right decisions about your health and the health of your loved ones.

Our values

Step to Health is guided by values that represent what we seek with our content:

  • Trust: The information you’ll find here is reliable. It has been validated by professionals and is supported by scientific sources.
  • Inclusion: We cater to every reader’s particularity. We don’t judge your lifestyle, but we provide you with tools to improve your health.
  • Closeness: We use understandable language without sacrificing scientific accuracy.
  • Quality: We’re committed to the quality of the information we provide. We don’t publish data or information that we can’t corroborate or that may cause you to doubt its veracity.

Every day, these values guide our work. And this is because because health information is sensitive: You make decisions for your life based on what you read on the Internet. Our commitment is to offer you the best information that’s reliable, inclusive, familiar, and warm so you can enhance your wellbeing without risks.

We maintain the quality of our content so that you continue to choose us with confidence.

Our voice

To communicate health information, according to our governing values, we use a language that has certain characteristics:

  • Empathetic: We’re people who make content for other people. Step to Health is a warm and familiar portal that puts itself in our readers’ shoes. We understand that those who read us are looking for information from a reliable source to resolve a doubt or improve their quality of life.
  • Guidance: We help you improve your lifestyle in order to be healthier. Our recommendations are clear and easy to apply in everyday life.
  • Free of prejudices: We don’t judge. We deliberately avoid expressions that may encourage stigma or discrimination. We speak to readers who are in different stages and processes, so the focus is on you and the possibility of increasing your well-being.
  • Reliable: We work with experts and professionals who communicate their knowledge on health, after having verified it with concrete data from science. You can trust Step to Health’s information because the value of quality runs through all our publications.

The style guide our editors follow focuses on simplicity, without overlooking accuracy and inclusiveness. Our voice is warm and professional, sober and approachable, understandable and scientific at the same time.

We don’t seek to generate fear or alarm, but to inspire positive action.

Our team

Step to Health has a team of professionals in the health field to offer quality information that’s reliable, truthful, and up-to-date. We have doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, pharmacists, dentists, and nurses. In addition, this team respects the value of empathy, so it elaborates the contents in simple, understandable, and friendly language.

The writers and editors of our portal verify the information they offer to reader through scientific sources and their professional experience. For the elaboration of content, they respect a prior research process that’s part of the responsibility they assume when offering suggestions, advice, and recommendations.

We prioritize information from scientific studies and human clinical trials. In the same way, our team uses Clinical Guidelines and statements from renowned health organizations. If these sources aren’t available, then results from animal or in vitro testing will be used.

In addition, we are @TRUST certified by the American Accreditation Commission International (AACI), which promotes the reliable dissemination of medical and health information for both patients and professionals.

Our editorial process

Step to Health selects content according to what readers consider most relevant to their well-being, what’s current in the health field, and everything that has to do with concrete information that’s capable of enhancing people’s quality of life. Part of the editorial team is responsible for proposing pertinent but also original topics, avoiding repetition. Each of these topics is analyzed before being approved (or not) to move on to the editorial process.

Regarding health news, we make a special selection. Our team researches on a daily basis the health news that could be fundamental for your life.

Then, the professional team writes the content for the approved topics. Guided by our values and our voice, they elaborate a warm, empathetic, close, informative, accurate, reliable, and science-based text. Another part of the editorial team reviews and edits this content before it’s published. You should know that at Step to Health nwe don’t allow plagiarism, we strive to share original content through an exhaustive review prior to the publication of each article.

In this way, different filters are applied to arrive at a text published on our portal that has verifiable information, pleasant language, updated bibliography, and links that allow the reader to corroborate what we express.

At Step to Health you’ll find positive health proposals to improve your life. And this is possible because of the editorial process that we respect in each publication.

After some time, the contents of our portal are checked again, once they’ve already been published. This is done in order to keep the data updated, especially in a field as changing as that of human health. Periodically, part of the editorial team reviews the publications to incorporate new scientific knowledge, make modififacations based on readers’ suggestions, and improve the texts. This content audit is constant and, in the case of current news, involves renewing the data according to the evolution of ongoing stories.

Our verification labels

In Step to Health’s publications, you’ll find the following 4 lables that indicate the degree of verification of the information:

  • Fact checked: If our article has this label, it means that the content is based on reliable scientific and academic sources. In the final bibliography section, you’ll be able to corroborate these sources.
  • Evidence based: This label designates a higher verification value than the previous one. It means that most of the sources in the bibliography are scientific studies that have undergone their own validation process by specialized health journals.
  • Author’s recommendation: Sometimes, our editorial staff professionals offer advice or suggestions based on their experience in the health field. Even if there’s no specific bibliography on the subject, it’s the approval by a professional that endorses the content.
  • Under revision: The presence of this tag indicates that we’re actively working on improving and updating the article you’re reading. It means that, in a short time, this content will be expanded and include new references.


The contents of Step to Health are for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment or recommendations of a health professional. Please note that the information presented may not be suitable for all cases and does not guarantee specific results.

Therefore, it is important that if you have any questions or concerns about your health, you consult with a trusted specialist before making any decisions or starting any procedure or treatment. Remember that each person is unique and may respond differently to treatments or health recommendations.

In summary, we remind you that Step to Health articles are for informational purposes only, the information provided in this publication is only a general guide and does not replace the opinion or medical advice of a specialist. Consult your trusted professional if you have any doubts about your health and obtain his or her approval before undergoing any treatment or procedure.

Comments, suggestions and corrections

Step to Health is open to receiving comments, suggestions, and corrections from our readers. Your participation in our voice and values is very important for us to continue to ensure the quality of our content, as you’re our priority.

The communications you send us will always be taken into account, will be answered as soon as possible, and will lead to the revision of our publications. Do you want to tell us something? Write to us through our contact page.