Breakups and divorce

A breakup or divorce is not the end. In this section we’ll encourage you to use the right strategies to handle the emotional pain and start this new stage of life — healing and rebuilding — the best way possible. We’ll explain how to handle these situations that can be so personal and delicate.

What to Expect After a Divorce

Nobody gets married thinking it won’t last forever. So, after a divorce, it’s very difficult to accept that you’ve “failed.” It doesn’t matter if you sought it or not, Divorce marks a symbolic end of a dream and is therefore…

How to Leave a Toxic Relationship

Is your partner emotionally, physically or verbally abusive? Do they drain your energy? Are you not getting back what you put into your relationship? If so, it may be time to leave a toxic relationship. The problem is that it’s…

How to Recover from a Breakup

It’s always difficult to go through a breakup, no matter how long you were with your partner. It’s very important to take action and as soon as you get through the grieving stage in order to recover from a breakup.…

How to Overcome an Emotional Break-Up

All of us have gone through an emotional break-up at one point or another. However, it’s still a really tough and difficult experience. In this article, we’re going to reveal how to overcome an emotional break-up in the best way possible.

5 Physiological Reactions To a Breakup

If you have ever gone through a breakup, you have probably experienced the five physiological reactions below. Usually these reactions would take anywhere between six months to two years to get over. However, every person reacts differently. 

The Risks of a Temporary Separation

It’s pretty normal for couple who live together to sometimes have problems understanding one another or in resolving a dispute. The real problem is when this continues over a sustained period of time. Is a temporary separation a risk in this situation?…