How to Recover from a Breakup

Going through a separation or a divorce isn’t easy, regardless of the reasons that led to the breakup. Changes are abrupt and your emotions are unbalanced. In today’s article we want to share some tips to help you deal with a breakup
How to Recover from a Breakup

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Last update: 03 January, 2023

It’s always difficult to go through a breakup, no matter how long you were with your partner. It’s very important to take action and as soon as you get through the grieving stage in order to recover from a breakup.

In today’s article, we’ll tell you how to recover from a breakup in the healthiest possible way.

The Keys to Recover from a Breakup

Going through a divorce or a breakup is one of the most difficult experiences in life. Although for some people it might be a “relief” to be out of that relationship, it’s also a situation that no one wants to have to go through.

It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help during this complicated time. Instead, it shows you have integrity and want to keep moving forward in spite of everything.

As a first step, we recommend following these guidelines to recover from a breakup:

1-Accept the emotional ups and downs

recover from a breakup

If you were with that person for a long time, it’s probably going to feel strange not to share your day to day experiences with them. You might be angry or sad at times; perhaps during others you feel confused and relieved.

It’s completely normal to go through these ups and downs – even in the same day. The best thing to do is accept them, understand them, and act accordingly.

If you’re depressed, for example, let out your tears, but then don’t stay home alone all day and cry. It’s better to go for a walk.

2-Don’t isolate yourself

One of the best ways to deal with a breakup is to avoid being alone. That doesn’t mean you should go looking for a new partner right away, but rather that you should let yourself be pampered a little by your friends and family.

If you stay at home in tears, watching romantic movies, or listening to sad songs for too long, it’s going to be harder for you to move on. It’s best to stay in touch with others, leave the house, change out of your pajamas, and do new things that don’t remind you of your ex.

You can even take advantage of this time to enjoy doing things you weren’t able to do when you were still in the relationship.

3-Take some time for yourself

recover from a breakup

It’s essential that you take some time for yourself. However, if you’re afraid to go alone, you can always ask a friend or family member to join you.

Give your emotions a break and don’t try to cope with something that’s still overwhelming. You can’t rush the healing process. Remember that dealing with a breakup is not something that happens overnight.

4-Talk about your feelings

Again, it’s important to lean on the people who love you and want you to be happy. Your best friend, your brother, a coworker… Don’t feel ashamed or think that you’re bothering them! And if you think it’s necessary, you can always turn to professional help.

Go to therapy and follow their advice or recommended exercises that will help you talk more openly about your feelings and emotions. Talking about what hurts is the first step in overcoming the pain. A therapist or coach can give you the tools you need to get past this difficult time in your life.

5-Do what you love

recover from a breakup

After work, join a Zumba class, take a cooking course, go workout in the park, meet up with friends or colleagues from work. Take advantage of your newfound weekends to visit new places, even tourist attractions where you live. Go see your family, have a picnic outside somewhere…there are millions of options.

It’s so important that you reconnect with yourself. You can even take a spiritual or religious retreat and spend a few days in silence and meditation, if needed.

This can help you in a lot of ways by teaching you to love yourself again, to enjoy life without needing a partner, to understand your feelings and emotions, and to think about the future.

6-Think positively

Many people say “it’s easier said than done,” but try it: the next time you’re feeling depressed or stressed out, think about the good things now that you’re separated. There’s no more fighting over money, you’re able to do whatever you want, you have more freedom, and you can think about yourself.

You can also focus on all the good things you remember about your ex and choose not to remember the suffering, arguments, and bad times. Being positive means always seeing the glass half full.

7-Don’t rush to rebuild your life

recover from a breakup
the best way to get over one person is to get under someone else

However, things are never so simple.

First, you have to first make peace with your previous relationship. Only when the wounds have healed and you’ve begun to focus on your own happiness will you find someone worthwhile.

This is the best and healthiest way to recover from a breakup.

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