Pedro Pascal and His Exercise Routine to Stay in Shape in "The Last of Us"

Pedro Pascal's routine to become Joe, the protagonist of "The last of us", can be replicated at home, find out how and keep up with him!
Pedro Pascal and His Exercise Routine to Stay in Shape in "The Last of Us"
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Last update: 14 May, 2023

Pedro Pascal is now the “daddy of the internet” thanks to his role as Joel in The Last of Us. In the series, he plays a scarred and hostile man with a protective instinct that has stolen the hearts of many viewers. In addition to this incredible role, Pascal has attracted attention because his physical transformation is evident in the development of the series.

Those who have followed his work throughout Narcos, The Mandalorian, Game of Thrones, and Kingsman, among other productions, know very well that the actor puts his all into every role. His most recent success is no exception, despite the fact that Pascal is already 48 years old.

Read on for details about his workout routine. In fact, there are many tips you can put into practice at home if you want to follow in the footsteps of the Chilean actor.

Pedro Pascal and his physical commitment to each character

Before delving into the details of Pedro Pascal’s routine, it’s worth highlighting his commitment to each role he takes on. However, for The Last of us, he had to make an even greater effort, since he plays the action scenes himself. This was not the case in The Mandalorian, where the scenes we love so much about Mando are played by a stunt double.

To play Joel, the Chilean actor turned to renowned celebrity trainer David Higgins. He first worked with him on Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

The expert designed the routine for Pedro with the character in mind, as well as his limitations. After all, keep in mind that the acclaimed “internet daddy” is already 48 years old.

So, if you’re Pascal’s age and are afraid you don’t do enough physical activity, you should know that standing still is not good for your health. Experts say that adults who are physically active on a regular basis live healthier lives and have a lower risk of all-cause mortality.

Pedro Pascal is not yet a senior citizen. However, the health choices he makes now will have an impact in the years to come. And from what we can see, they will definitely have a positive impact.

Research indicates that exercise has the ability to modulate aging. This means that your physical commitment will continue to pay off for a long time.

Pedro Pascal mostró una figura y destreza increíble en su más reciente producción, gracias a su rutina de entrenamiento.
Pedro Pascal showed an incredible figure and dexterity in his most recent production thanks to his workout routine.

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This is Pedro Pascal’s routine that you can follow at home

Considering Pedro Pascal’s particular health conditions and specific needs to play Joel, David Higgins designed a special routine for him. It’s composed of bodyweight and mobility exercises focused on the core of the body.

Before telling you about the exercises that turned Pascal into the sparing but adored Joel, it must be emphasized that his results are also due to his mental commitment. According to his trainer, he often had to be encouraged to continue seven though he felt like he was going to faint.

1. Shadowboxing

Shadow boxing consists of performing a series of punches in the air while keeping the body in motion, using boxing techniques. Its name comes from the fact that, while performing the exercise, the person seems to be fighting with his or her own shadow.

Professionals in this sport perform shadow boxing as a warm-up and to practice their best punches.

As a high-impact exercise, shadow boxing contributes to improving the aerobic capacity of the practitioners. At the same time, it strengthens the respiratory system. According to what is known, Pascal performs 5 sessions of this exercise; each one is 60 seconds.

2. Jumping rope

Jumprope or jumping rope is a cardiovascular exercise that is also part of Pedro Pascal’s training routine. There are different ways to perform it:

  • One-footed jumping
  • Jumping with both feet together, one in front of the other
  • Combined jumping, in which two short jumps and a higher one are performed at two different times
  • High jumps with alternate knees
  • Opening and closing the legs while jumping

In reality, the combinations can be as simple or complex as the practitioner prefers. Studies have confirmed that including this cardiovascular exercise in a training routine improves coordination, speed, and agility. It also increases cardiorespiratory endurance.

Jumping rope is an excellent way to warm up before beginning strength exercises. Pedro Pascal performs 5 sessions of 50 repetitions.

3. Push-ups

Push-ups consist of lying on your stomach, resting on the balls of your feet, with your palms flat on the floor, back straight and arms fully stretched. Your neck should always be in a neutral position. Then, you flex your arms, leaving your elbows almost glued to the body, lowering until you’re almost flush with the ground.

This exercise has a direct impact on the shoulder girdle (scapula and clavicle) and muscles such as the pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, deltoid, serratus anterior, and subclavian. Depending on the opening of the hands, there will be more or less triceps activation.

In addition to strengthening the chest and upper extremities, push-ups also improve your core strength. Pascal performs them in 5 sets of 20 reps each.

4. Squats

Sentadillas en la rutina madcow.
Squats are an exercise that cannot be left out of a routine to strengthen the lower body.

Squats focus on lower body work, strengthening muscles such as the quads, calves, and glutes. However, their action goes beyond that, and they benefit the back and abs.

There are different ways to execute this exercise, but the simplest consists of the following:

  1. Stand with your legs apart, while keeping your balance. The trunk must remain straight, but without putting pressure on the back.
  2. Bend your knees until your buttocks drop, as if you were going to sit on a chair that does not exist.
  3. To have extra balance support, stretch your arms forward.
  4. Return to the original position and repeat the exercise.

Studies indicate that squats are an essential exercise that helps develop strength in the lower muscles and greater motor skills, regardless of whether we are talking about an athlete or an amateur. The routine performed by Pedro Pascal includes 5 sets of 15 repetitions.

5. Pull-ups

The next on the list of exercises that Pedro performs are pull-ups. He does 5 sessions of 10 repetitions. In this case, it’s important to keep in mind that the amount is less precisely because of the complexity they demand.

Its execution consists of lifting your own body weight with the help of a barbell. If you want to try it at home, you should know that you must have a solid structure.

Now, stand in front of the bar, take it with your shoulders apart and the palms of your hands facing forward. Then, hang on your arms to pull your body upwards. Your chin should be above the bar.

There are a number of variations that exist for the purpose of working other areas of the body. One of them is the hanging leg raise. This exercise is also part of Pascal’s routine, in 3 sessions of 20 repetitions.

The same structure we talked about is used, with the difference that the legs are lifted, straight, or bent. Although it strengthens the arms, it also focuses on toning the abs.

Are you ready to follow in Pedro Pascal’s footsteps?

If there’s one thing to highlight about the exercise routine that Pedro Pascal followed to show off in The Last of Us, it is that it can be done anywhere and not necessarily in a gym. The actor’s trainer was precise in pointing out that, when he needed to train, even on filming days, he could use calisthenics – that is, the use of one’s own body weight as a tool.

The exercises we describe for you do not involve the use of external objects, such as weights or machines. So, if you’ve already decided to follow in Pascal’s footsteps, you know where to start. Just remember that it’s important to have the guidance of a professional and to complement the process with a healthy diet.

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