Your little one is growing up and new questions come up every day: what foods will help him or her grow, what the symptoms of certain illnesses are and how to prevent them, how to handle tantrums, how to build a good relationship… Everything you need to know is here.

Five Exercises to Promote Speech in Children

Although very young children don’t know how to talk, they can express themselves through crying and body language. It’s vitally important that they develop their verbal abilities, however. One way to do this is to perform some exercises to promote…

Children Who Grow Up Without a Father or Mother

Families are changing. In the western world, the number of single-parent families is increasing  and, consequently, so is the percentage of children who grow up without a father or mother. Whatever the reason that leads a family to be single-parent may be…

How to Treat Constipation in Children

There are many natural ways to help treat constipation in children. Babies only a few months old or older children can all be affected by constipation, but most cases can be solved by diet and adapting some healthy habits.