7 Things Kids Can Learn from Christmas

Christmas is a great time to learn about values, feelings, and culture. There are some great things kids can learn from Christmas.
7 Things Kids Can Learn from Christmas
Elena Sanz

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Last update: 26 December, 2022

Are there things children can learn from Christmas? Yes! Gratitude is one of them; health, family, and friends are another, and even gifts are great reasons to learn to be thankful. During this season, it’s a good idea to encourage learning in children.

Other ways to teach during the Christmas season have to do with didactic activities. Making crafts, understanding the meaning of Christmas Eve, and listening to traditional songs are some examples.

Take advantage of the fact that emotions are afloat to nurture knowledge, spend time with your family, and show children that the essence of Christmas transcends the material.

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Things children can learn from Christmas

As children get older, they gain a greater awareness of what Christmas represents. It’s common for them to associate the celebration with the arrival of Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men.

As they arrive on December 25 and later on January 6, use the interim to carry out a fun and pedagogical tasks, besides cultivating values and virtues in them. We’ll offer a few suggestions in the following article.

1. A round of gratitude

We’ve already talked about gratitude, a value that’s applicable at any time. But at Christmas, it’s good to emphasize that the most important thing to be thankful for is not the gifts, but the effort and the illusion with which the gifts were given, as well as good health, being with the family, and having a good time.

On Christmas Eve, suggest a dynamic in which each child and the rest of those present share what they’re thankful for.

In relation to gratitude, several studies agree that it is an attitude that helps people to be happier, improve their relationships, and be more positive. Encourage this attribute from childhood and collaborate with the upbringing of a happy adult.

things kids can learn from Christmas.
Gratitude goes beyond gifts. We should be grateful for all the good in life, especially the immaterial things.

2. Mindfulness exercises

The last month of the year lends itself to creating a balance sheet of mischief, progress at school, and behavior at home, as well as the weighty action of setting New Year’s resolutions.

Explain to children what a mindfulness exercise consists of, with simple examples. Remembering a day when they did not behave so well or how responsible they were are aspects they can include in their reflection.

Based on their experiences, they can propose what they should change, improve, or strengthen in the coming year. This tool is useful for life and is one of the many things you can learn from Christmas.

3. Things kids can learn from Christmas: To donate and share

The KITS programs point out that showing children the importance of sharing motivates them to share more often. Consider using phrases such as the ones below:

  • “Sharing is fun!”
  • “Sharing makes you feel good.”
  • When you share, you make others feel good.”
  • “Sharing is a good way to be a friend.”
  • “When we share, others are more likely to share with us.”

Encourage children to include their friends in letters to Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men. Also, check together if there are toys in good condition that are no longer in use and donate them to those who need them.

4. Play games to develop their brains

Tongue twisters, jokes, and riddles liven up the Christmas holidays, especially if you allow children to present their ideas. Through these dynamics, they enrich their vocabulary, apply logic and develop their thinking.

In a game with riddles or Christmas riddles for children, participants give clues and wait for the opponent to solve them. Make sure the challenge contains words or characters alluding to the holidays, for example:

  • “Who will it be? Who’s coming all dressed in red in his sleigh for Christmas?”.
  • “There are three of us and we are wise. Who are we?”

5. Things kids can learn from Christmas: Christmas readings

Stories alluding to the season are entertaining and educational. Christmas stories are a great help to learn traditions and the meaning and spirit of the celebration.

The origin of the Advent Wreath, the birth of Baby Jesus, the legend of the Magi and hundreds of contemporary stories make up an exquisite menu of children’s stories appropriate for the holidays.

Educared notes that reading enhances the imagination, contributes to learning, promotes concentration, and is fun. For its part, the Children’s Health Foundation says that encouraging daily reading is advisable so that it becomes a normal and habitual activity.

Don’t let December be the exception, and invite your children to read. You can buy books, request them from libraries, or search online; endless options abound!

6. Traditional songs

Carols are characteristic of Christmas. If children learn these songs, they will understand the Christmas story, as all the lyrics refer to famous or symbolic Christmas events.

Download playlists with seasonal songs just for kids. If the’ve mastered reading, singing them in karaoke will be very fun!

things kids can learn from Christmas.
Christmas songs can teach us values and traditions.

7. Crafts

Para el Aula magazine highlights crafts as a stimulant for children’s learning skills, capable of determining fine and gross motor skills, as well as allowing children to propose new situations to create.

Among the things children can learn at Christmas is making ornaments to hang on the tree or placing them in any room of the house. Use recycled materials and let your imagination run wild.

With popsicle sticks, paint, and glitter, design beautiful mini pine trees. Find dry branches and make wreaths, stuff stockings, and make cute snowmen. There are lots of ideas for making decorations with the kids!

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The importance of Christmas in childhood

It’s a mistake to miss the opportunity Christmas offers to contribute to children’s education. Art, music, and history are all subjects that you can explore through fun and games this time of year.

In addition, coexistence during the Christmas holidays strengthens family bonds, since these are usually days when emotions are at their peak. December is also often full of nostalgia and joy, feelings that are essential in the formation of memories that children will treasure throughout their entire lives.

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