Backpacker Granny: Traveling the World Since She Was 65

This woman wanted to see many different places in the world, and at the age of 65 she began this beautiful journey.
Backpacker Granny: Traveling the World Since She Was 65

Last update: 30 April, 2023

Kandy García Santos, known as abuelita mochilera (backpacker granny), has shown that we can always make our dreams come true. At the age of 65, she decided to take a break from work to go on a trip. Since then, everything changed and she realized she would never be turning back after making that decision.

The life Kandy has had since then has been rewarding and inspiring for people of all ages . Those who have heard his story have been fascinated, as this is clear proof that whoever puts their mind to it can achieve what they want. This makes it easier to see that it’s possible to achieve our goals, and that very often it’s we who impose the limits .

Get to know the wonderful experience of our “backpacker granny” and take her experience as an example to work for what you want , to give you the opportunity to be happy and enjoy life your way.

Backpacker granny.

The backpacker granny, pure inspiration

Kandy is a Spanish woman who was trained in Law and who worked in Motril, a city on the Granada Coast in Spain. When she turned 65, she decided to leave her job to take a trip. Perhaps, what she didn’t expect was the big change this would bring to her life.

Her first trip was almost 9 magnificent months of traveling around the world . This experience was enough to make her realize that this was what she wanted to continue doing forever. After returning from this journey, she decided to continue her adventures, and was able to make all the necessary arrangements to continue traveling.

Our backpacker granny is now 84 years old and has been traveling to different places for 19 years . She took notes of her experiences that were initially intended for her granddaughter. However, all of this resulted in a book titled Backpacker Granny: Around the World Alone”.

Kandy García.

So far, she has traveled to more than 70 countries on different continents . However, there are some places in South America and Asia that she has visited more frequently. Her stays are relatively long, between two weeks and one month, because she prefers to enjoy the place to the fullest without being in a rush.

“Difficulties and fears no longer exist in my mind or in my life.”
-Kandy García

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To fulfill our dreams, age isn’t a limit

Kandy has dozens of stamps in her passport and the satisfaction of achieving what she wanted so much since she was young. And after being carried away by her youthful spirit, she was able fulfil the dreams she’d had for years.

Traveling granny.

This story reminds us that we always have the chance to rediscover dreams we may have abandoned, thinking they were impossible . Maybe you don’t have the time or the money to do it, but there are ways to get organized, make decisions and pursue the goals you want to achieve .

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