10 Tall Flowering Plants For a More Vertical Garden

Want more height in your garden? We'll tell you about 10 tall flowering plants are beautiful and very easy to care for.
10 Tall Flowering Plants For a More Vertical Garden

Last update: 22 March, 2023

There are a number of tall flowering plants that you should know about if you want to add height to your garden. This is because they look great with their colors and the natural species they attract, such as butterflies. Some also have small but bushy flowers. Others, such as sunflowers, offer little foliage as well, although their flowers are large and very showy.

Therefore, the key is to create a garden with several species to enjoy a unique contrast. If this is what you’re looking for, then read on to learn about these beautiful plants that will also offer you privacy. That’s right: growing these tall plants can help form a natural barrier! 

Why include tall plants in your garden?

We’ve already mentioned some reasons why you should complement your garden with beautiful tall flowering plants, but there are more!

  • They’re ideal for bouquets: because they have tall stems, these plants can be grown to make beautiful bouquets when it’s time for pruning.
  • Also, they can cover unpleasant spaces: If you have spaces in your garden that you want to cover, such as unsightly walls or odd structures, it’s best to take advantage of natural hedging.
  • They also attract attention: most of these plants bloom at eye level, so they will fill with light and vitality whoever looks at them.
  • Furthermore, they are an ecosystem for different species: if you like the visit of small and harmless animals such as hedgehogs, frogs or butterflies, do not hesitate to grow this type of flowers.
  • Finally, they can complement your garden and add a 3D effect: having plants of different heights creates a three-dimensional effect worthy of a magazine cover.

Choose from these tall flowering plants for your garden

Now that you know that there are outstanding benefits behind growing tall flowering plants in your garden, it’s only natural that you want to know the spot species you could start planting. Take note!

1. Cleome

Cleome are tall flowering plants.

Cleome are plants known as spider flowers, as they are a favorite of spiders for spinning their webs. This is because they grow up to 180 centimeters tall and their flowers come in different shades of pink, purple and white.

In addition to spiders, they also attract hummingbirds and butterflies thanks to the delicious scent their flowers secrete at night. Thus, make sure this plant receives direct sunlight.

2. Buddleja

La buddleja davidii es conocida como el arbusto de las mariposas.

Buddleja is a shrub-like plant used to create natural barriers in the garden. Known as the butterfly bush, it grows between 150 and 180 centimeters. With optimal care, it could reach a height of 210 centimeters.

It also attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. This is due to the shape of its flowers and the possibility it provides for these animals to feed on it. Its flowers are pink, white, purple, or blue.

3. Canna

La cannaceae es una de las plantas con flores altas para el jardín.

Canna is a tall flowering plant that is characterized by its beautiful colors, not only in the flowers, but also in the leaves. The first ones can be red, orange, yellow or pink; while the second ones are reddish.

These beauties can also reach a height of almost 4 meters, as long as they are given the care they require. Mainly, a warm space and a humid substrate.

4. Boltonia

La boltonia atrae diferentes insectos como las abejas.

Boltonia, also known as false asters, is one of the tall flowering plants you can grow in your garden. This plant is native to North America and belongs to the aster family, with whom it shares some properties derived from its essential oils.

It blooms in white, purple, and pink and can reach almost two meters in height. If you like it, be sure to also plant it in an area where it gets direct sun.

5. Delphinium

Los colores del Delphinium son hermosos y muy variados.

Delphiniums are tall flowering plants. Their flowers are small and grow attached to a bushy cane. They also reach almost two meters in height and are a favorite of butterflies.

Although many people want to grow them in their gardens, delphiniums need a substrate that is very rich in minerals and nutrients. Also, you should try to have it in a space with partial shade or direct sun.

6. Cosmos are tall flowering plants

El cosmos es una planta de flores altas muy sencilla, pero hermosa.

Cosmos are tall flowering plants that you can’t miss in your garden. Their flowers are delicate and come in pink, white and purple colors. They have little foliage, as their leaves are similar to those of a fern.

There are several types of cosmos. The tallest are the sensation, which reach almost two meters in height. They also attract insects such as butterflies and bees. However, to grow healthy, they should be grown in full sun.

7. Foxglove

Thimbles are tall flowering plants.

The foxglove is a very beautiful plant that gives us a spectacle of color through its flowers. They grow attached to a cane and in the shape of a bell or thimble, hence their name. They’re ideal for adding verticality to your garden, also because of their leaves and stems.

There is a great variety of colors, which depend on the specific species. Digitalis purpurea ‘Camelot rose’ blooms in magenta and Digitalis grandiflora in a lime-yellow shade, as indicated by its name (yellow foxglove).

8. Prairie rues are tall flowering plants

Prairie Rues are tall flowering plants.

Prairie rue (Thalictrum spp.) or prairie rue is very beautiful and desirable because of the shape of its flower petals. They are spherical and look like snowflakes.

Depending on the variety, the colors are defined. Among them, cream, yellow, greenish yellow and lavender. This plant achieves a height of almost three meters.

9. Torch aloe

La antorcha aloe es una suculenta con flores altas.

Torch aloe is a large, easy to care for succulent with beautiful flowers. They grow on a tall stem that emerges from the fleshy, cone-shaped leaves. Its color is red and makes the flowers stand out among the green leaves.

They bloom between winter and spring, require a sandy, well-drained substrate, and you should plant it where it will receive direct sun.

10. Sunflowers are tall flowering plants

Sunflowers are tall flowering plants.

Sunflowers are one of the quintessential tall flowering plants. They are beautiful and can be grown for flower arrangements or bouquets. This plant reaches between 3 and 4 meters in height and its flowers could be the size of a football, depending on the species.

Among the tallest are the American giant hybrid sunflower, the mammoth and the skyscraper. If you want to grow them in the garden, be sure to provide a space with plenty of direct sun.

Tell us, what are your favorite tall flowering plants?

We just shared 10 tall flowering plants that add height to your garden and help you create a beautiful natural privacy barrier. Choose the ones you think will work well in your space, depending on soil characteristics and sun exposure.

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