5 Different Ways to Make Flowers with Decorative Materials

You don't need to spend a fortune on flowers and maintaining them for a colorful, lively atmosphere. We'll tell you just how to make flowers out of simple materials that you can find at home.
5 Different Ways to Make Flowers with Decorative Materials

Last update: 27 May, 2022

Flowers are the ultimate decoration. They’re fit for all kinds of spaces and can always offer color and life to any atmosphere for the home or office. If you’re planning to use flowers to decorate, you’ll find these tips on using various materials to make flowers very useful.

There are several benefits to decorating our living room, garden or study with flowers. Among the most well-known benefits, flowers can:

  • Purify the air
  • Brighten and enrich any space
  • Bring an element of nature to decor
  • Help relieve stress and improve concentration
  • Come in a wide range of sorts, sizes and presentations

We’re going to use the last point as a starting point to talk about our main ideas for this post. While using flower decor is a great idea, it can be pricey.

So, we may need to look for other alternatives. Today, we’ll show you some ways to create flowers out of different materials to decorate spaces.

5 ways to make decorative flowers out of different materials

1. Paper flowers

Make flowers

It’s a basic idea, but a must. Paper flowers have the advantage of being very cheap and simple to make. You can use different colored paper and create flowers of various sizes.

To make them, just follow these steps:

  1. Cut out a circle from a magazine, newspaper or other kind of paper. You can use a CD to trace out the shape.
  2. After, cut the circle in a swirl, from the outside going to the inside. Leave a circle in the center, which will later be the base of the flower.
  3. Fold the inner circle and roll the flower into a cone.
  4. Using hot glue, glue the loose end of the swirl to the base circle, arranging it into a flower shape.

2. Milk carton flowers

Carton flowers

You’ll be surprised to know that you can make beautiful milk carton flowers. If you’re wondering how to make them, we’ll leave the instructions for you here:

  1. Cut the carton into strips, vertically.
  2. Open up the carton and remove the inner layer. Depending on what kind of milk you buy, the layer might be sandwiched in between the colorful outer coating and metallic inner coating.
  3. Paint the inner layer and cut out hearts of various sizes.
  4. After, gently press down to flatten them.
  5. Start gluing the smaller hearts together and after, add the bigger ones around them. The outer petals should be folded slightly outwards, unlike the inner petals.

3. Cardboard box flowers

We know that cardboard boxes might seem too ordinary and dull of a material but you can make flowers with it. However, you’ll just need a little paint and creativity to give them a wow-factor.

You can make them by following a process similar to that of the paper flowers. However, you should use the ridged part of cardboard boxes to make them because it’s more flexible.

  1. So, in order to divide up the cardboard, submerge a thin cardboard box in water and carefully peel off the layer that covers the ridged part.
  2. Once finished, leave it to dry completely on a flat surface.
  3. Afterwards, start forming the flowers. If you want colorful flowers, paint the cardboard after it dries, before cutting.

4. Silk paper flowers

Silk paper flowers

By using patterned wire, which you can find at any arts and crafts store, you can make these flowers.

First, cut the paper into rectangles and fold it into an  accordion. After, place the wire at the paper’s center and fold the paper over the wire. Cut the ends of the paper in a semi-circle shape to make them look like petals.

Now, open the paper up and fold each strip towards the center so that they all meet at the center of the flower. Use different colored paper to make different flowers and put them together in a vase.

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5. Foam paper flowers

Foam paper flowers

Of all of the alternative flowers that you could make, foam paper flowers just might be the most prettiest option. Foam paper flowers are beautiful and colorful.

To make them, just follow the following instructions:

  1. Cut out squares of different sizes from the foam paper and round off their corners. You should end up with a boxy circle.
  2. For the sepals, cut out a five-pointed star with rounded points. Try using a different color.
  3. Cut an inch-long line in the widest parts of the petals.
  4. Cut out a half-moon from another piece of foam that’s the same color as the paper from step 1.
  5. Insert a stick into the center of the star.
  6. Fold the petals where you made the cut and feed them through the stick. Stick the biggest petals first.
  7. Lastly, fold the half-moon that you cut out before and roll it to make the center of the flowers.
  8. Bring them together and pass them through the stick to arrange them with the rest of the flower.

Lastly, though we’re not officially putting it on our list, you can also use real flowers, of course. Unlike flowers made out of decoration materials, real flowers require maintenance, but they have a one-of-a-kind beauty.

Recommendation: combing both types of flowers— artificial and real– in your different spaces will help you achieve the right effects for each area. Give it a try!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.