Ferrán Torres: The Rigorous Training and Diet of the FC Barcelona Player

Judging by what can be seen on social networks, Ferrán Torres is a fan of training in almost all its variables. We'll tell you a little more about the young Spanish striker's routine and diet here.
Ferrán Torres: The Rigorous Training and Diet of the FC Barcelona Player
Leonardo Biolatto

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Last update: 07 October, 2022

Ferrán Torres is a young footballer, but with a long career in big European soccer teams, such as FC Barcelona, Valencia, and Manchester City. His training and diet have a lot to do with his physical shape and the performance he flaunts on the field.

The striker, who’s regularly called up to the national team, has stood out since his early days for his great physical shape. His offensive contribution, which is equal parts balanced and technical, is based on his skill and agility.

How does Ferrán Torres train?

It’s clear that, as a player for FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team, Ferrán Torres has a routine assigned to him and the entire team by the coaching staff. However, it’s also well-known that he even follows a strict routine when he’s on vacation, before the start of the preseason, or as a complement at home during the season.

On the one hand, images of the player in the gym have been seen on social networks performing both work with weights and other more functional exercises, using elements such as stairs or elastic bands. In fact, in the videos, he could be seen doing these exercises:

  • Sumo squats: This is a type of squat performed with the feet shoulder-width apart and with the tips of the feet pointing outward.
  • Lateral squats with TRX: This exercise is done holding the TRX in tension with both hands, one of the feet is brought to the side, while with the other the knee is flexed to perform a squat.
  • Box and step jumps: Box jumps are done with both feet, while step jumps requires shorter and alternating movements, as if you were doing a clapping motion.
  • Lunges: This exercise consists of bringing one leg forward and, leaving the other in place whole bending both knees. Torres used to do it in combination with another exercise, such as arm curls.
  • Push-ups with spider planks: This exercise combines a conventional push-up with the movement of bringing the knees toward the elbows while keeping the body in a plank position.

In addition, the striker has also been seen doing work on the field. These included movements with the ball and other basic reaction, agility, and endurance exercises.

As early as 2020, when he was just 20 years old, Ferrán Torres was busy showing how he trained to keep his physique at its peak. And he didn’t need to resort to big machines; instead, he did a lot of bodyweight and TRX exercises. Together with a well-planned diet, these gave very good results.

Ferrán Torres during a match
Torres’ training is no secret, as the player posts quite a lot of what he does on social network

Ferrán Torres’ diet

During his time at Manchester City, Torres shared the kitchen with his coach, Josep Guardiola. The chef would come to the player’s house to prepare meals specially designed for him according to his needs and the indications of the club’s nutritionist.

The player’s diet demanded a detailed control of the macronutrients he consumed. These are the essential nutrients that the body needs in greater quantities to obtain energy and to function as it should and to maintain health. There are three main macronutrients:

  1. Carbohydrates
  2. Fat
  3. Protein

Torres was also instructed by the nutritionist to control the portions he ate. Of course, the idea was not to follow a hypocaloric diet to lose weight, but to eat just enough to maintain the ideal caloric value.

Although no further details about Ferrán Torres’ diet are known, top-level athletes usually have a high protein intake. This nutrient contributes to muscle recovery and also generates satiety, because it’s digested more slowly.

By the end of 2020, it was reported that the player had increased his muscle mass and managed to gain 4 kilos (about 10 pounds) in weight. With that goal, protein intake through foods such as meat, fish, eggs, and nuts is usually recommended, although it depends on the characteristics and needs of each person.

Ferrán Torres cheering
The Spanish player increased his muscle mass in 2020 in a remarkable way and gained a total of 4 kilograms of muscle.

A top footballer who’s all about the details

It’s clear that no one gets to the best teams in the world without having a natural gift for playing soccer. However, it also takes commitment and a lot of hard work; Ferrán Torres isn’t missing this in the slightest.

The Spanish striker has given his all to get to the top level. Training and diet are two key points for increasing muscle mass, gaining power, and staying agile in the case of all athletes.

The fuel given to the body also contributes greatly to the process. Macronutrients and satiating, but fair portions are Torres’ secrets to peak performance and reduced risk of injury. The results are there for all to see, and he even seems to have room for further improvement.

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