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Antonella Grandinetti

Bachelor of Public Relations and Publicist

Antonella Grandinetti has two degrees, one in Public and Institutional Relations (2005) and the other in Advertising (2007). She has experience as an executive of national and international accounts, digital journalist and content editor for different web pages.

About the author

Graduated in Public and Institutional Relations in 2005 and Advertising in 2007 from the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa, with Honors in both Degrees.

She has taken web design and SEO positioning courses (WordPress, Shopify, backlinks, SEO for small businesses, social media communication, etc.) to specialize in the 2.0 field.

She worked for several years in different communication consultancies as an executive of national and international accounts. In 2009, she began her experience as an online journalist and content editor for different websites.

She also has experience in the areas of research and lead generation, community management, and design. Currently, she works independently as a copywriter, writer, and translator of online content.

Her interest in writing has led her to publish five children's stories to date (Where are you, Grandpa?, Whirlwind of emotions, Mateo discovers emotions, My little brother is on the way, and I'm going to have a little brother), a humorous book on motherhood ( Diary of a bad mother ) and two teen novels (Secrets in the air and Secrets in my songs).

In her free time, Antonella Grandinetti enjoys reading, writing, traveling, decorating cakes, and playing with her children. The phrase that defines her is:

Walker there is no path, the path is made by walking - Antonio Machado.

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