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Yamila Papa Pintor


Yamila is a journalist specializing in sports from the Circle of Sports Journalists and has a qualification broadcaster for audiovisual media from the ETER School of Communication. She has gained experience as a journalist, interviewer, writer, radio panelist and scriptwriter. She collaborates with different digital media by writing articles on health, travel and sports.

About the author

She graduated as a Journalist specializing in sports from the Sports Journalists Circle in 2006 and as a full time broadcaster from the ETER School of Communication, in Argentina, in 2009. She describes herself as passionate about the quality of her work, professionalism, and originality.

She worked as a sports journalist in Argentinos Pasión; as a broadcaster and host on Radio Latina, and as a national broadcaster and freelance sports journalist in different media. In addition, since 2011 she has worked as an editor of articles on different topics such as health, sports, travel, pets, and cooking recipes, among others.

She is a vegetarian and an active participant in a foundation responsible for planting trees in her home country. She recently completed her training on the Introduction to Food and Health course at Stanford University.

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