Naturally Cleanse Your Body in 3 Days

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Naturally Cleanse Your Body in 3 Days
Maria Patricia Pinero Corredor

Reviewed and approved by the nutritionist Maria Patricia Pinero Corredor.

Last update: 09 December, 2023

Toxins accumulate daily in our bodies through food. If we add stress, environmental pollution, and personal problems, we get a body full of negative elements that we must eliminate. Find out how to naturally cleanse your body in three days in this article.

Why cleanse your body?

Just as we take a shower every day, wash our clothes and brush our teeth, the inside of our body also needs periodic cleaning.

We need to detoxify ourselves from the consumption of foods full of toxins, chemicals, refined flour, sugar, fried foods, and foods of animal origin (meat and dairy). In addition, it’s necessary to cleanse your body if you lead a sedentary life, environmental pollution, stress, emotional states, worries, etc.

cleanse your body
Cleansing your body can help you to lose weight.

The accumulation of toxins over several years is weakening the organs and the body in general. That is why:

  • Certain diseases appear.
  • We feel tired.
  • Our skin looks dull.
  • Our stomachs hurt.
  • We get colds once a month.

If we interpret all these signals as a message from the body, that means that it’s time to begin to take care of it a little better.

Some claim that the key is to carry out a raw vegan diet, but not everyone is willing to do so. You do not have to deprive yourself of all the things you like. However, you should opt for a healthy diet and remember that “fast food” is not an exception to the rule. In this way, your body will gradually get rid of toxins and you can enjoy a healthier life.

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How to cleanse your body naturally

Consume organic products

Surely, near your house, there’s a market with fruits, vegetables, and organic foods. It’s true that they are a little more expensive than those we find in the market; however, the difference is that:

  • They’re better quality.
  • They’re free of fertilizers and pesticides.
  • They don’t contain growth hormones.

What you can do if you have space in your home, is to choose to start a vegetable garden and harvest your own natural foods.

cleanse your body with iron-rich foods
Organic dried fruits and nuts are free of pesticides and potentially harmful chemicals.

Drink plenty of water to cleanse your body

Water naturally purifies and hydrates all organs. It allows us to eliminate waste from the body through urine. You should drink at least two liters per day (that’s about eight glasses).

Increase this amount if it’s hot outside, if you’re playing sports, or if your activities are very busy. It’s also advisable to drink a glass of cold water when you get up and another at bedtime.

You can eat fruits and vegetables rich in water, such as apples, watermelon, tomatoes, and cucumbers; drink natural fruit juices and unsweetened herbal teas, especially green tea.

Consume more fiber

Fiber has a similar objective as water: to allow us to purify naturally as it eliminates toxins, in this case through the feces.

Fiber improves digestive function, prevents constipation, and allows the body to remove all the preservatives and wastes that accumulate in the digestive tract. Foods that provide us with a large amount of it are:

  • Oats
  • Brown rice
  • Whole-grain pasta
  • The seeds
  • Nuts
  • Fruits

Don’t drink coffee or alcohol

These two drinks are very popular and consumed are not good for our bodies. They make the liver and kidneys work harder, damaging them and causing diseases such as obesity or diabetes. So, if you want to purify the body, it’s best to reduce them as much as possible.

Although it’s OK to consume a glass of red wine at lunch, it’s not advisable that the daily dose is greater than that. In the case of coffee, try to make sure it is natural and not industrial.

Consume purifying foods for the body

There are foods that help to purify the organism in a natural way. Among the most recommended are:

  • Lemons (you can enjoy the juice mixed with water)
  • Beets (this is a vegetable with a lot of fiber)
  • Garlic (it eliminates pathogens that generate diseases)
  • Dandelion (you can make infusions or eat the raw leaves in salads)
  • Grapes (they’re popularly known for their “grape cure”)

A 3-day diet to cleanse your body

This is a method that many professionals recommend because it purifies our body in just three days:

The first day

  • At breakfast: 250 grams of chopped fruit, a glass of low-fat yogurt, two tablespoons of wheat bran or oat bran, five tablespoons of whole grain cereal, and a cup of green tea without sugar.
  • Mid-morning: 200 grams of fresh fruit or 30 grams of dried fruit and two glasses of water.
  • At lunch: A salad of raw or cooked vegetables, 200 grams of organic fish, chicken or turkey (not fried), a cup of brown rice, and two glasses of water.
  • Mid-afternoon: 200 grams of fruit and two glasses of water.
  • For dinner: A portion of vegetable soup, a glass of yogurt, and two tablespoons of wheat bran.

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The second day

  • For breakfast: A glass of pineapple juice with a tablespoon of flaxseed, a toast of whole wheat bread with skimmed cheese, and chamomile infusion.
  • Mid-morning: Fruit with a cup of green tea.
  • At lunch: A cup of cooked brown rice, a grilled fish fillet, and a salad of lettuce, tomato, celery, and radishes.
  • Mid-afternoon: Half a fruit.
  • For dinner: A portion of vegetable cream and a cup of gelatin.

The third day

  • For breakfast: A cup of pineapple juice, a glass of low-fat yogurt, and a slice of whole wheat toast with a slice of cooked ham or turkey.
  • At mid-morning: A handful of dried fruit and nuts.
  • At lunch: A salad of cold wholemeal noodles with broccoli, carrots, and peas and 200 grams of chicken or turkey (not fried).
  • Mid-afternoon: A piece of fruit.
  • For dinner: A piece of fish with lemon juice.

Finally, remember that before changing your diet radically, it’s necessary to see a specialist. Healthy eating is always an excellent option, but all of our metabolisms are different.

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