53 Easy Homemade Rice Recipes

We've compiled the ultimate list of 53 homemade rice recipes for you to learn all the ways to prepare this cereal. We'll show you savory, sweet, and even some rice beverage options!
53 Easy Homemade Rice Recipes

Last update: 15 December, 2022

Rice is a cereal grain of the Oryza sativa plant. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) it is the most widely produced grain in the world and one of the most popular in the human diet. Rice is an important source of carbohydrates, calcium, iron, folic acid, vitamin E, and thiamine. Today, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best homemade rice recipes for you to include in your preparations.

There are many types of rice. Each one offers you different properties, flavors, and textures. No matter what, the key is how you combine it with other ingredients. Certainly, the strong point of our easy rice recipes is in their complements.

These are the ones that enhance the flavor and vary the nutrients of the dish. We’re are sure that you’re going to love them all and they’ll delight your palate.

The best easy homemade rice recipes

Many people are reluctant to eat rice because they associate it with weight gain. Indeed, it’s very common to hear phrases like “rice is fattening” or “pasta is fattening.” Like any type of food, it all depends on how often and how much you eat.

All this serves as a preamble for you to assimilate that you shouldn’t eliminate rice from your diet. It’s an important source of nutrients, not to mention how delicious it can be if you know how to combine it. We’ll leave you with the best homemade rice recipes, many of which are quick and easy, that you can use to delight your palate and your family.

1. Marinated chicken with coconut milk and rice

We’ll begin our tour with this recipe for rice with marinated chicken and coconut milk. This is the perfect example of how by selecting the right foods you can enhance the flavor and properties of this grain. You can prepare the recipe in just 40 minutes and you don’t require any special knowledge, utensils, or ingredients for it!

Pollo marinado con leche de coco.

2. Mellow rice with prawns

Mellow rice with prawns is a typical dish of Mediterranean cuisine. It’s a very delicious preparation, not to mention that it provides a substantial source of nutrients.

Mellow rice is halfway between dry and brothy rice dishes, so it manages to satisfy fans of both groups. It’s a quick and easy recipe to share with family or friends.

Arroz meloso con langostinos.

3. Korean rice

During the last few years, we’ve seen how Asian cuisine has penetrated the gastronomic environments of the West. Korean rice, known in the country as bibimpap, has appealed to millions of people since its export.

It’s a very homemade recipe that stands out for its simplicity. Bibimpap literally translates as “mixed rice.”

4. Arroz a la cubana with plantain

Arroz a la cubana, or Cuban Rice, is one of the quickest, easiest, and most delicious rice recipes to prepare. Rice, plantain, and fried egg: that’s all you need to cook it!

Of course, our recipe includes a couple of extra ingredients for a fuller flavor. It’s very popular in Spain and Spanish America, as its origin can be traced back to around the 1800s.

Arroz a la cubana.

5. Sautéed rice with cabbage

Many of our rice recipes are geared toward healthy cooking lovers. Sautéed rice with cabbage is the first of them.

The preparation is typical of the Campania region (Naples). In addition to being a measured dish in terms of caloric content, it’s also very easy to make. It’s ideal for when you are short on time, but still want to eat something delicious.

Arroz salteado con repollo.

6. Glutinous rice

From Italy, we move to Asia to suggest this glutinous rice recipe. It’s very popular in Thailand, where it makes up to 85% of rice preparations.

It’s also consumed in China and in several Southeast Asian countries. Note that it is called glutinous because of its sticky consistency, not because it contains gluten.

Arroz glutinoso.

7. Stir-fried rice with peas

Peas and rice are ingredients that always taste better when they’re together. The dish is an important source of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and antioxidants, so it is perfect for all those who demand high energy needs. They’ll show you how to prepare stir-fried rice with peas step by step in a quick and easy way in this recipe.

Receta de salteado de arroz con guisantes.

8. Black risotto

Black risotto is widely known throughout the Mediterranean. It’s particularly consumed in Italy and Spain; in the latter place, it’s sometimes known just as black rice.

Be warned that it’s a bit more difficult to prepare than the previous recipes – at least if you want to achieve the texture and creaminess that characterizes the dish.

Risotto negro.

9. Mexican rice

Mexico is a very varied source of exquisite dishes, so we can extract interesting rice recipes from the region. Today, we’ll bring you this Mexican rice recipe, which is prepared with classic and, of course, spicy ingredients. It’s an ideal dish for athletes or for those who have gone through a strenuous day.

Arroz mexicano.

10. Classic Paella

Is it possible to make a compilation of the best homemade rice recipes without paella? Probably not. There are many ways to prepare it, so we’ll suggest a paella recipe that you can make at home.

They are the Valencian paella and the seafood paella. Paella rice will undoubtedly be the favorite dish of many cooking fans!


11. Rice with vegetables and chia seeds

This is another of the rice recipes aimed at people who want to take care of their health, limit the consumption of calories, and increase the intake of fiber. This recipe of rice with vegetables and chia can be served as a side dish or as a dish on its own, either for lunch or dinner. It’s very easy to prepare, not to mention an affordable and budget-friendly dish.

Arroz con verduras y chía.

12. Chicken enchiladas with rice

Chicken enchiladas with rice is another typical Mexican recipe. You can regulate the amount of spice to your taste, although remember that the original preparation is very potent.

The dish has a significant caloric intake, so you should regulate the proportions if you want to watch your weight. Its preparation is very easy, so you don’t have to be an expert in the kitchen to make it.

Pollo enchilado con arroz.

13. Chinese rice with chicken and honey

Chow fan, the fried rice that is prepared in different Asian countries (especially in China), is known as Chinese rice in most of the world. We propose to you this recipe of Chinese rice that, although it will take you some time, will be very easy to make in practice. The classic preparation is made in a wok, so make sure you have one at home.

Arroz chino con miel.

14. Sesame rice

Sesame rice is a perfect dish for those who want to opt for a low-calorie, healthy and high-fiber meal. Sesame is a seed rich in fatty acids, antioxidants, phytosterols, tocopherols, lecithin, and other valuable nutrients. You can accompany the preparation with another garnish, such as gazpacho or mashed potatoes.

Arroz con sésamo.

15. Green rice

If you love vegetables and green vegetables, then this will be your favorite of our homemade rice recipes. There is no one way to prepare green rice, although the one we suggest can be applied with other ingredients. Spinach, parsley, cilantro, arugula, kale, romaine lettuce, and other greens can be used to color the rice grains.

Arroz verde.

16. Jasmine rice with pumpkin

If you’re a lover of characteristic smells and flavors, then you can’t miss the recipe for jasmine rice with pumpkin. This variety of rice has the particularity that it’s less sticky and tends to compact when cooked.

Its flavor is very close to that of roasted nuts or popcorn. Together with pumpkin, it makes a perfect duo for a healthy lunch.

Recetas con arroz jazmín y calabaza.

17. Arroz con pollo Spanish style

Classic chicken rice is another homemade rice recipe we couldn’t omit from our list. This time we present you a variant in Spanish style, so that it integrates all the flavors of the Mediterranean gastronomy.

It’s a very easy dish to prepare, which does not condition its flavor at all. You can make it with white rice or brown rice.

Arroz con pollo estilo español.

18. Mexican cauliflower rice

This is the third Mexican recipe for all lovers of Mexican cuisine. Mexican-style cauliflower rice is prepared with serrano chili, although you can use another variety depending on your taste for spicy.

It’s very easy to make, but keep in mind that its caloric content is a little high. It’s usually served as a single dish, although you can accompany it with the garnish of your choice.

Arroz con coliflor a la mexicana.

19. Seafood rice with spinach cream

Seafood rice is a preparation that every lover of this graub should learn. Today, we suggest you the following recipe of seafood rice with spinach cream, which departs from the others in terms of aesthetics. Certainly, a priority is given to the visual component, so it’s recommended for special occasions.

Arroz marinero con crema de espinacas.

20. Fried rice

We’ve already introduced it to you in previous homemade rice recipes, although the popularity of this dish compels us to teach you more than one way to cook it. We’d like to leave you with a classic fried rice recipe, which doesn’t require a minimum of experience in the kitchen. Plus, it’s very easy to make, but we warn you that the flavors are enhanced more if you prepare it in a wok.

Arroz frito.

21. Chickpea curry with basmati rice

Chickpeas and rice are other ingredients that fit together perfectly like pieces of gastronomic legos. This recipe for chickpea curry with basmati rice will add variety to your dishes, as both its flavor and presentation are far from conventional.

You can prepare it in just 40 minutes. It’s perfect to accompany a strenuous day of work or exercise because of its caloric load.

22. Brown rice salad

In order for you to learn how to use the cereal in all gastronomic contexts, we present this brown rice salad. It’s a healthy dish that’s ideal for those who want to restrict their calorie intake.

In any case, it’s a very good option for those who are looking for a different side dish for lunch or dinner. Sunflower seeds, chopped mushrooms, spinach, and radishes accompany this ingenious way to make the most of grain.

23. Artichokes stuffed with rice

Looking for other healthy homemade rice recipes? If so, be sure to cook these artichokes stuffed with rice!

This is a dish that’s oriented for all those who are watching their weight, since its caloric load is very low. In this link, you will find a great recipe to prepare this delicious and healthy dish.

Alcachofas rellenas de arroz.

24. Rice dolmades

Rice dolmades are a typical Greek recipe, although a variant of them is also prepared in Turkey and several Balkan and Central Asian countries. They operate as a perfect excuse to include variety in a balanced diet. Be careful to choose well the type of rice you use; preferably one that’s not very aromatic and that’s long.

Dolmades de arroz.

25. Orange rice

Next, we return to the traditional recipes of homemade rice with this orange rice. It’s aimed at fans of sweet and sour or exotic flavors or citrus fanatics.

This recipe is very easy to prepare, although we leave you some cooking alternatives to choose those that suit your tastes. You can serve it with the garnish of your choice, both for lunch and dinner.

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Arroz a la naranja.

26. Lemon rice with shrimp

If you’re a citrus lover, then this lemon rice with shrimp will complement the previous recipe. However, we’d also like to warn you from now on that its preparation takes between an hour and a half and two hours, so it’s not a recommended dish if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

The final result is worth the effort and dedication, as it combines in one place the Mediterranean, tropical, and exotic smells and flavors.

Arroz con limón y gambas.

27. Rice with artichoke cream

In case the previous recipe with artichoke is not to your liking, you can prepare this rice with artichoke cream. They’ll show you how to make it with a great step-by-step guide so you can choose the one that best suits you.

This is an easy and quick dish to prepare, although you must have the right ingredients for it to taste just right. Be sure to gather them ahead of time.

28. Pineapple fried rice

Khao pad saparod, also known as pineapple fried rice, is a delicacy and a typical Thai dish. It’s one of the best-known types of fried rice in the world, perhaps because of its curious presentation that makes an impact at first sight.

Curry and soy sauce are what help to enhance the flavor, so be sure to use them proportionally when preparing the recipe.

Arroz frito con piñas.

29. Arroz chaufa de pollo con jamón

Although different styles of arroz chaufa are prepared in many parts of the world, this is a typical Peruvian dish. The following recipe for arroz chaufa with chicken and ham shows you how to prepare it in two different ways. Take care of the proportions when serving, as fried rice is a dish with a significant caloric load.

Arroz chaufa peruano.

30. Rice with chicken and broccoli

In contrast to the previous option, this recipe for rice with chicken and broccoli stays within healthy limits, at least if you control the number of spices and ingredients you add during preparation. It’s a very easy dish to cook and is ready in half an hour. It’s also perfect for when you want to prepare something delicious, but don’t have much time.

Arroz con pollo y brócoli.

31. Rice cheese

This cheesy rice preparation is a departure from all the homemade rice recipes we have presented to you. It’s a vegetable substitute for cheese geared toward vegetarians, vegans, or anyone who wants to try an alternative at their table. Making it is a bit laborious, although this shouldn’t prevent the less inexperienced from giving it a try!

Queso vegano de arroz.

32. Cantonese rice

Cantonese rice is another variation of fried rice. The dish is prepared all over the world, so each country has its own variations.

In the link above, you will find a very common way to prepare it. It’s one in the traditional or classic style and the other with onion and soy sauce.

Other ways to cook it are with shrimp, tuna, and even parmesan cheese. It’s a very varied dish that’s very quick to prepare.

Arroz a la cantonesa.

33. Arroz caldoso

Every food lover knows that arroz caldoso is one of the best ways to prepare cereal. There are many ways to cook it, although the recipe we suggest is kept with simple ingredients so that you can make it without limitations. Generally, it’s consumed without garnish, although you can include any garnish you wish.

Arroz caldoso.

34. Rice sponge cake with macerated fruits

Rice is such a versatile ingredient that you can also take advantage of it in various pastry dishes. From this point on we alternate different options, although we start with this recipe for rice sponge cake with ground nuts and dried fruit. The particularity of this dessert is that it’s gluten-free, so it’s a very good option for celiacs.

Bizcocho de arroz.

35. Rice milk

Another way to take advantage of the cereal in the kitchen is through rice milk. Milk of vegetable origin is increasingly popular and many of them can be made at home with minimal effort.

In this case, you only need 200 grams of the grain, 2 liters of water, and 2 teaspoons of honey. Ideally, you should use brown rice so that you can take advantage of all the fiber in the drink.

Leche de arroz.

36. Puffed rice and chocolate bars

Puffed rice bars with chocolate are a perfect alternative for snacking that you can prepare at home with a minimum of effort. This recipe is ideal to satisfy the palate of the little ones and also for adults to satisfy the craving for sweets.

In the link, you will find a great and fun way to make them. They’re a great substitute for the puffed rice bars that you can buy at the supermarket.

Barrita de arroz y chocolate.

37. Rice croquettes

There are dozens of ways to make rice croquettes. Some are easier than others, both for their preparation and for the number of ingredients they require.

We’ll leave you with a great recipe for rice croquettes. If you’ve never tried this dish before, we promise you will be surprised – so much so that you will want to include it regularly in your diet because of the ease with which it’s prepared!

Croqueta de arroz.

38. Rice pudding with milk and cinnamon

Rice pudding is an ancient recipe that has been perfected through the contributions of the cultures that have prepared it. In Latin America, it’s very popular and each country has its own particular way of preparing it.

In the link, you will find a way to make it as a cake, as well as a series of tips so that you can enhance its flavor. It can be eaten hot or cold, according to your taste.

39. Coconut rice

Similar to the previous recipe, coconut rice is a sweet preparation that is eaten as a snack. It has also become popular in Latin American countries because of its tropical flavor.

It’s a different way of making the most of the high-calorie cereal. We’d also like to warn you this because since it’s very appetizing, you may be tempted to overeat!

Arroz con coco.

40. Bandeja paisa

Bandeja paisa is one of Colombia’s most characteristic dishes. It originated in the middle of the 19th century in the region of Antioquia.

It’s a very complete dish, with great nutritional value and is served in a wide and long dish. The original recipe has 11 ingredients: 9 of them are arranged on the plate and 2 are served as accompaniments. It has been exported all over the world.

Bandeja paisa.

41. Gluten-free buckwheat and rice bread

Again we suggest in this list of homemade rice recipes as an alternative for celiac people. Gluten-free buckwheat and rice bread requires a little effort, but the final flavor is worth it.

You can enhance it through spices such as cinnamon, thyme, or even rosemary. It all depends on your tastes. It can also be prepared by anyone looking for variety in their diet.

Pan de trigo sarraceno y arroz.

42. Rice dumplings

This typical Portuguese recipe has been exported all over the world thanks to the ease with which it is prepared. Rice dumplings are rolls that you can eat as a snack or for dinner.

They became popular due to the migration of Portuguese communities to different parts of the world. They are very delicious, although try to be measured with your consumption if you’re on a diet regime to lose weight.

Homemade rice recipes: Rice balls

43. Homemade rice recipes: Cauliflower rice burrito and Thai salad

The burrito is a typical Mexican food dish, although a variation of it’s prepared all over the world. Proof of this is this cauliflower rice and Thai salad burrito.

Its preparation could not be simpler. It’s a healthy dish that provides you with a variety of minerals. It’s the perfect breakfast or dinner when you don’t have a lot of time to cook.

Burritos de arroz.

44. Rice and guacamole salad

This is another alternative to include cereal in your salads is this one. Rice and guacamole salad is very famous in Mexico, although it’s also very popular in other countries around the world.

You will find two ways to prepare it in most recipes. Either one takes no more than 15 minutes. This recipe is ideal for people who are under a diet regime to maintain or lose weight.

Ensalada de arroz y guacamole.

45. Creamy Risotto

There are many ways to prepare this dish, although all of them have in common a dense, creamy, or thick texture. We’ll leave you with several creamy risotto recipes, so you can have different alternatives according to the ingredients you have available. Remember that these recipes require some effort and time.


Risotto cremoso.

46. Rice noodles with sautéed tofu and bell pepper

Rice noodles are very popular in Asian countries. Gradually, they have managed to spread throughout the world.

The following recipe for rice noodles with sautéed tofu and bell pepper is a new alternative for those who have a vegan or vegetarian diet. It’s also great for those who wish to include healthy options in their intake.

homemade rice recipes: Fideos de arroz con tofu y pimiento.

47. Pumpkin risotto

Pumpkin risotto is one of the most exotic ways to prepare risotto, as well as one of the most unknown. It’s very important that you follow the steps meticulously if you want to take care of the texture, flavor, and appearance of the final dish on your table. It’s a healthy option that allows you to include variety in your regular diet.

Risotto de zapallo.

48. Three-ingredient fried rice

Although many people think that Three-ingredient fried rice was created in China, its origin actually dates back to the mid-19th century in the United States. Chinese immigrants began combining their rice dishes with leftover ingredients. There are many ways to prepare it, so we leave you with a traditional Three-ingredient fried rice recipe.

Arroz 3 delicias.

49. Red rice

Red rice is a variant of the grain that has a higher nutritional value. Its flavor is similar to that of the nut and its glycemic index is low.

It’s often used for diets, although it is not well known in all parts of the world. There are dozens of variants that are cultivated, most of them in Asia. Learn more about red rice and how to prepare it.

Arroz rojo.

50. Homemade rice recipes: Carapulcra

Carapulcra is a typical dish of Peruvian gastronomy. It consists of a stew composed mainly of potato and pork, although there are many variations.

It’s always accompanied by rice, so that is why it’s on our list of easy homemade rice recipes. It’s very wordly, as it gathers ingredients from indigenous, African, and European traditions.


51. Creamy risotto with asparagus

We’ve already presented you with a creamy risotto recipe, although here we’d like leave you with another variation, this time with asparagus. It’s an easy-to-prepare dish that requires some experience to get the right texture.

It’s perfect for asparagus lovers. It takes only 30 minutes to prepare.

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homemade rice recipes: with asparagus

52. Kedgeree

Kedgeree is a traditional Indian dish, although today it’s prepared almost all over the world. Its main ingredients are fish and rice, as well as a variety of spices and seasonings.

The latter are very important, as they allow the dish to acquire the essence of the country of origin. It’s not complicated to make, so anyone can prepare it with ease.


53. Quinoa risotto with mushrooms

We’d like to end our compilation of homemade rice recipes with this dish of quinoa risotto with mushrooms. It’s a gastronomic alternative with a varied supply of nutrients and with a low caloric load.

It has a high percentage of fiber, so it’s an ideal preparation to improve the digestion process. In the link, you will find two different variants to prepare it.

Homemade rice recipes

Homemade rice recipes for all tastes

We hope that the homemade rice recipes we have compiled will be of interest to you. Grains like rice are one of the main sources of nutrients and carbohydrates, so everyone should include them in their diet on a regular basis. Be sure to prepare them all and share them with your friends and family to delight their palates with different flavors!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.