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Josberth Johan Benitez Colmenares


Bachelor of Education. Johán Benítez has held the position as university professor of Language and Communication. In addition, he has worked as an editor and curator of texts for various digital media on various topics.

About the author

Graduated with the title of Bachelor of Education, Spanish and Literature, in 2019, from the Universidad de Los Andes (Venezuela), Josberth Benítez Colmenares received an honorary Magna Cum Laude mention. He later took up the position of interim professor in the Department of Social Sciences of the National Experimental University of Táchira (Venezuela), in the area of Language and Communication. He then combined this occupation with that of a content writer, accumulating four years of experience, two of these for the Spanish content marketing agency LinkContentPRO. As a freelance writer, he has specialized in the development of various topics, with an emphasis on writing articles on health, sports and a healthy lifestyle.

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