Why Men like Women Who Are Younger

Have you ever wondered why some men are attracted to much younger women? Find out in the following article.
Why Men like Women Who Are Younger
Bernardo Peña

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Last update: 26 December, 2022

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a midlife crisis, trendy, or linked to self-esteem. The truth is that some men like women younger than they are; in some cases, they are even half their age.

Although every man who likes younger women may have a different reason, it’s also true that there are certain factors that could lead to this preference. In this sense, socio-cultural, psychological, and even biological motives can be mentioned.

According to some theories, the search for a younger partner may ensure offspring and a greater range of time for procreation from an evolutionary perspective.

However, can this actually influence a man’s preferences? Let’s take a closer look.

Reasons why men like younger women

It’s often said that women choose mature men because they feel protected, but also that men like younger women to feel more jovial. In fact, according to a study, it seems that as men get older, their preference for younger women becomes more accentuated.

Undoubtedly, this is a very controversial topic, so we don’t seek to judge here, but instead to analyze. Why do they tend to choose younger women? These could be some of the reasons.

1. Because they want to relive their youth

The choice of a younger partner by a man could also include – in most cases – a change in their habits, clothing, or style. They are likely to dye their hair to keep the gray from showing, wear more “youthful” clothes, or engage in activities for younger people.

When a man in his 40s or 50s dates a woman in her 20s or 30s, he wants to fit in with her world. He may not recognize it or even know it himself, but from a psychological point of view, he wants to give his partner the image that they are on par, in this sense.

This can be somewhat favorable in some cases, as the man may need to get a little more physical activity, helping him to avoid problems related to a sedentary lifestyle. In addition to this, one study found that men maximized their fitness by marrying women 15 years younger.

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2. Because younger women are more easily manipulated

There is a class of toxic men, who look for young girls to seduce and manipulate, taking advantage of their innocence and naivety. They believe that in this way they will be able to ‘mold’ them to their liking.

This type of man likes to “teach” and feel superior, especially when it comes to love and sexual matters. Therefore, if they have a younger girl in front of them, they will believe they can explain to her what they know and she will want to learn, like an obedient pupil.

Thus, they often display certain traits of the superiority complex, considering younger girls as manipulable and impressionable. However, they may be in for a surprise: nowadays, many young women know what they want very well.

3. Because they don’t have a “biological clock”

men like younger women

Men and women are both able to have children after puberty. However, since the incorporation of women into the working world, it’s much more common that woman to have children later than they used to.

In fact, according to studies, up to the age of 30, 70% of women use contraception. Of course, this is not always the case. Many women choose to become mothers young, just as many men choose to become fathers during this same stage.

However, on the other hand, women’s reproductive age is shorter: menopause can begin between the ages of 45 and 50, whereas men can procreate after 60 and well beyond.

In addition to the above, research on sex differences in human mate preferences found that men focus more on characteristics that signal women’s reproductive capacity, for which youth is an excellent indicator.

4. Because they’re not judged by society

Society does not usually take a dim view of a man’s conquest of a younger woman. At a gathering of friends or acquaintances, he’s even likely to be congratulated. And with that social or cultural permission, it’s easier for a man to give into a preference for younger women.

However, the same does not usually happen when the woman is the older partner.

5. Because they’re going through a crisis

Just as women go through menopause, men go through what is known as ‘andropause’. According to a study carried out by a team from the Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valencia, from the age of 50 onwards, men suffer a very significant drop in testosterone.

It’s not unusual that during this transition, they try to find a partner or lover younger than themselves. This could mean a greater stimulus from the point of view of sexual functioning to compensate for the decrease in testosterone.

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6. An ego boost

The fact that a man decides to enter into a relationship with a younger woman can allow him to prove several things:

  • That he still functions sexually;
  • That he still considers himself or feels attractive or desirable.

Both reasons bolster self-esteem and help boost a person’s ego, both of which may have declined a bit when we reach a certain age, oten due to aspects related, precisely, to sexual dysfunction, as mentioned in some studies.

7. Because they want to experience something new

When a person of either sex has been with their partner for many years, it’s normal a routine arises. This can sometimes end the life of the relationship.

Thus, some men try to relive the excitement of the beginning with younger women. Even if it’s an illusion, for a certain period of time they thus feel like they can escape the monotony and put a little spark in their lives.

8. Because women live longer

lazer hair removal on a man
Some men date younger women to feel younger themselves.

According to a World Health Organization report , women tend to live longer than men. In fact, according to 2016 data, women live an average of 5 years longer than their male counterparts.

Perhaps because of this, it may be that some men may wish to have a younger partner: they may want to experience different things before they die, including doing so with a younger woman.

9. Some younger women are attracted to older men

So far, we’ve stated reasons from the point of view of men being attracted to women younger than themselves. But the opposite is also true. In fact, according to the results of a study, “women generally prefer older partners”.

Thus, there are young women who are seduced by the attractions of some older men, namely: experience, wisdom, security, fame, wealth, or power.

10. Because age doesn’t matter

Since generalization can lead to errors, the reasons we have provided in this article don’t apply in all cases. Thus, it’s also possible that a simple infatuation has arisen between two people who simply don’t care about their age differences to enter into a relationship.

Whatever the age, nothing justifies infidelity

The fact that a man may want to be with a younger woman is his choice, but the fact that he decides to do this in parallel with his existing relationship without consent is a serious problem.

Of course, it goes without saying that infidelity should never be justified. If there are problems in the relationship and if the man wants to experience other things, the most sensible thing to do is to talk to his partner about it.

In the event that they cannot reach a solution, there is always the option of separation. Even if it may be painful, this is the fairest way to allow each person to start over and perhaps even find a more suitable partner.

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