How to Distance Yourself from Toxic People

March 29, 2019
In order to be able to distance ourselves from toxic people, we must learn to recognize them and, even if it hurts us, know that getting away from them will be fundamental to our well-being.

Our life is too short and too beautiful to carry more burden than we need from toxic people. That’s why we should learn to get away from them before it deeply affects us.

There are behaviors in many people that harm us gradually. In this article, we’ll point out some guidelines to pinpoint the toxic people around us.

Courtesy and good manners are not at odds with stopping and distancing ourselves from toxic people. No one has to endure that negative burden that just serves to bring problems, stress, and worries. Learn to say “no” and live your life on your own terms.

Distance Yourself from Toxic People

To begin with, you must keep in mind that you can’t classify just about anyone you have a disagreement with as toxic, nor those who simply have a different opinion or personality than you. The toxic personality goes far beyond a simple clash of personalities.

In addition, you should always be aware of yourself, too. Have you ever considered that perhaps you’re one of the following types of toxic people to your friends and family?

Toxic People: The Violent

Angry couple looking at each other.

As hard as it is to believe it, there are people who are mean and enjoy causing pain. There are many degrees of violence and they develop it in various ways. Despite how aggressive behavior is often normal and excused within society; in reality, there’s no excuse for it.

Nip aggressive behavior in the bud even if it comes from a close relative, friend or partner. To put it differently, don’t allow this kind of behavior from anyone in your life. There is absolutely no excuse for someone to yell at you, insult you, or attack you.

A bad mood, argument, anger, intimidation and/or humiliation can’t be a normal recurrence in life.

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The Leech

This type of behavior is based on selfishness in its pure state. These people think the world revolves around them and, moreover, only call you when they need something.

It’s important to detect leeches early and, above all, learn how to stop them in their tracks as soon as possible. It’s normal to have a certain feeling of guilt when denying something to someone. However, you must understand that this kind of person is not a true friend.

If you can tell that this person clearly is trying to take much, much more than s/he gives, give yourself a healthy distance.

The Negative Person

If we can use a metaphor, negative people are like emotional vampires in that they absorb our vitality and our spirit. They experience any and every situation as a problem or difficulty – even the good opportunities that arise.

This type is a specialist in instilling fear. Whenever you share a project, an idea of a trip or an illusion, they’ll point out the dangers everywhere. If you follow this trend, you’ll end up paralyzed and constantly fill your head with doubts and indecision.

Toxic People: The Debtor

Angry woman.

A person can have a bad economic streak. That’s not necessarily a dangerous thing and it doesn’t mean they’re toxic. However, when they don’t repay the loan you gave them, then problems arise. Expect excuses and evasion of responsibility from toxic people. They’ll never accept that they’re in the wrong.

This type is easily detected when you realize that they have no possibility of returning the loan but, nevertheless, they can afford other things.

Remember: If they cheat you once, they’re at fault. If they cheat you twice, then it’s your fault.

The Envious Person

There is nothing more toxic than having an envious friend. This is someone who – instead of rejoicing when good things happen to you – makes you distrustful or envies you. The envious type harbors resentment against you and sooner or later will turn against you.

An envious person forgets all the effort that you invested to achieve something and never values what they have. Furthermore, they always idealize the lives over those of others and often have an inferiority complex. These toxic people may envy anything, whether it be a social position, appearance, partner, etc.

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How to Truly Distance Yourself from Toxic People

Put these tips into practice so that what comes from toxic people doesn’t affect you:

  • First, maintain healthy criteria for relationships and don’t believe for a minute that toxic behavior is normal.
  • Second, don’t trust anyone who can’t keep a secret.
  • Don’t allow contempt or undervaluation of who you are.
  • Next, remember that anyone who talks badly about someone else will talk badly about you with someone else. That said, get away from gossip. Nothing good ever comes out of it.
  • Furthermore, keep in mind that a person whose word means nothing will never be a good friend.
  • Another key point is to face situations squarely and firmly.
  • Finally, don’t trust anyone who puts down or uses others in order to get ahead.