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Solimar Cedeño

Social communicator

Social communicator graduated from the Central University of Venezuela. She has boosted her profile through different courses in web analytics, sports journalism, spelling, writing and speech, among others. She works as a content writer, social media manager and assistant in digital marketing campaigns.

About the author

Graduated in Social Communication from the Central University of Venezuela (2015). She has taken various courses to boost her professional profile in the areas of communication, sports journalism, writing, dubbing, and neutral voice accents, speech, social media, SEO and web analytics.

She has specialized in digital marketing, social media, audiovisual production, voiceover, voice dubbing, marketing and public relations. She has worked as a freelance writer, community manager, digital marketing assistant, content manager, planner and creative copier.

She currently has a podcast called Ven pa contarte, where she talks about her experiences and those of other people.

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