How to Cure a Sore Throat with Warm Water and Honey

A sore throat can be caused by a virus or bacteria. If you don't want to resort to natural remedies, go see a doctor to determine its origin.
How to Cure a Sore Throat with Warm Water and Honey
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Last update: 11 June, 2022

A sore throat is one of the most common discomforts and most people have suffered it at some time. It can have many causes, so when faced with an acute and persistent pain, it’s best to see a doctor to make a diagnosis and recommend the most appropriate treatment.

Fortunately, in most cases, you can relieve the pain with some natural remedies like the one we recommend: Warm water with honey.

It’s likely that, in your pantry, you already have an excellent remedy to get rid of a sore throat and you still don’t know it. Of course, we’re talking about honey, which, combined with warm water, will provide relief for your pain.

What are the Causes of a Sore Throat?

A woman holding onto her sore throat.

A sore throat, also known as pharyngitis, is a very common ailment. It’s characterized by symptoms such as hoarseness, coughing, difficulty swallowing, painful swallowing, and, in some cases, fever.

However, some sore throat cases need to be treated with antibiotics, so it’s important to see a physicial to evaluate the situation. Usually, the discomfort goes away on its own in a few days or with the help of painkillers and anti-inflammatory remedies. The causes of sore throat are varied.

  • For example, in the case of children, a streptococcal infection caused by streptococcus bacteria is a common cause and requires medical attention.
  • Adolescents and adults with mononucleosis also suffer from sore throat. Viruses like the cold or flu are also common causes of a sore throat.
  • Allergies can also cause this discomfort, especially when they’re caused by a lack of moisture in the atmosphere. This is because dry air promotes the emergence dust mites. Therefore, respiratory ailments usually manifest more often in cold weather.
  • Pollution and bad habits such as smoking can cause this condition. In the latter case, secondhand smokers are also affected, so they might suffer from discomfort when exposed to smoke.

What Are the Benefits of Honey for a Sore Throat?

Honey, besides being delicious, has health benefits. Although you probably use it to sweeten drinks, accompany your breakfast or in a dessert, it can also work as a natural remedy.

This substance has anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, healing, and soothing properties. Therefore, it can have beneficial effects in relieving respiratory ailments such as sore throat. It relieves throat clearing or burning, as it acts as a protective and moisturizing layer over the area.

It’s also believed to have antibacterial properties and to help prevent infection from spreading or lingering for a long time. In addition, it controls pollen allergies that, in some cases, cause a sore throat.

In short, it’s a natural and very delicious option to relieve this discomfort. Together with a little warm water, it will relieve the pain in a few days and you’ll be able to resume your rhythm of life without any discomfort.

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Warm Water and Honey to Cure a Sore Throat

A bowl of honey.


  • 1 cup of water (250 ml)
  • 2 tablespoons of honey (50 g)


  • Heat a cup of water in a pot until warm.
  • Then, dilute two tablespoons of honey in the water and gargle with the mixture. You can repeat this treatment every day in the mornings and evenings until your pain goes away.

This remedy helps reduce throat inflammation and relieve your pain. If you prefer, you can add some lemon juice to the mixture and drink it as a tea.

Remember that it’s possible to reduce the risk of throat pain. To do this, you must make certain hygiene and lifestyle changes. Wash your hands and avoid putting them in your mouth. Don’t scream or overexert your vocal cords. Avoid close contact with people who have a virus, a cold, or the flu. If you’re a smoker, try to quit this bad habit as soon as possible.

If you haven’t been able to cure a sore throat in a week, go see your doctor. It could be a major infection in which the throat is only one of the affected areas.

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