Nine Benefits of Eating Honey Daily

Honey is a tasty food that you can enjoy regularly in your diet, as long as you keep it in moderation.
Nine Benefits of Eating Honey Daily
Nelton Abdon Ramos Rojas

Written and verified by the doctor Nelton Abdon Ramos Rojas.

Last update: 09 October, 2022

Honey is a natural food that, when consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet, can contribute to your well-being. Would you like to know what would happen if you started eating honey daily? Continue reading, then.

Benefits of eating honey daily

Honey has a lot of wonderful properties and it’s capable of providing multiple benefits. For this reason, this food hasn’t ceased to be the object of various investigations.

At the moment, honey has proven medicinal potential for various issues and, given its composition, there are many who consider it’s very useful for getting extra energy before going to exercise, for example.

Some honey in jars.

1. Your skin will be clearer

Because of its content of various nutrients (enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants), it’s considered that if you eat some honey every day instead of sugar or other sweeteners, you can take care of the health of the most extensive organ of your body: your skin.

It’s often said that honey has moisturizing and anti-bacterial properties that could help you look healthier and free of impurities. The evidence found in some studies suggests that this could be true and very useful.

On the other hand, according to some studies, this food could contribute to the treatment of various dermatological conditions.

2. Slim down and get off sugar

Eating honey won’t make you lose weight overnight. However, if you substitute sugar, eliminate the consumption of pastries, candies, and the like, and instead eat a teaspoon of honey for breakfast, you could achieve it.

According to one study in rats, honey may help reduce obesity in individuals with a high-fat diet.

3. Normalize your cholesterol levels

According to a study in albino rats, honey may have beneficial health effects on triglycerides, serum cholesterol, and lipoprotein levels. Further study (on humans) should be conducted before conclusions can be drawn.

At the moment, it can only be said that eating honey daily, in small quantities, could be beneficial for the body as a whole. But always in moderation and within a healthy diet.

4. Eating honey daily can help your cardiovascular health

According to a study published in 2010, the antioxidants found in honey contribute to your cardiovascular health. For this reason, some people consider that it would be healthy to consume a teaspoon of honey diluted in a glass of water, for example.

Experts at the Fundación Española del Corazón point out that honey is a source of energy since it’s rich in sugars and fructose. And they point out that “diabetics can also include it in their diet, as long as they balance their sugar rations with their insulin doses”.

A heart made of honey.
Eating some honey within a healthy diet can be beneficial to your heart.

5. Improve your memory

According to some studies, Koompassia excelsa honey (better known as tualang honey) may help improve areas of the brain related to learning, reduce oxidative stress, and promote hormonal balance. Therefore, experts hypothesize that eating this particular honey can help improve learning and memory processes.

Some say that because of its content of antioxidants and nutrients, honey could be food for the brain.

Fundación Española de la Nutrición indicates that: “it’s made of elements such as sugars, amino acids, tannins, glucose, and alkaloids”.

6. It can help you sleep better

According to popular belief, taking a little honey before going to sleep can help you get a good night’s rest.

By helping raise your blood insulin levels, the blood releases serotonin and the body converts it to melatonin. This is the hormone that helps you fall asleep faster, so it’ll help you sleep peacefully.

7. It might help you deal with stomach problems

It’s believed that eating honey could facilitate the digestion processes and thus avoid the most common stomach discomfort, which is abdominal pain and swelling. However, scientists haven’t conducted any studies to validate this.

8. Eating honey daily reduces nervous tension

Due to its content of polyphenols, some research maintains honey could be a beneficial food in case of depression and anxiety.

However, experts also indicate that more research is needed, as the evidence found to date, while promising, is still limited.

9. It’s the perfect natural laxative

In addition to helping digestion, honey may also help regulate intestinal transit. For this reason, some people recommend consuming a teaspoonful if you’re constipated while increasing the consumption of water and foods rich in fiber, such as fruits and oats.

A delicious honey breakfast is a benefit of eating honey daily.

Moderation is essential when eating honey daily

Since honey is a food rich in sugars, experts always recommend consuming it in moderation. In addition, it’s essential to integrate it within a balanced diet and the framework of an active lifestyle.

On his part, Julio Basulto, an expert in Diet and Nutrition, points out that honey is a food that provides empty calories and that, therefore, it’s advisable to consume it in moderation in order to take advantage of all its nutrients and benefits.

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