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Degree in Psychology from the University of Valencia. She has extensive academic training in the area of neurocreativity, psychopedagogy and emotional intelligence. She has worked as a clinical psychologist and as an educational psychologist, a facet that complements her career as a writer. She has published several books, which have been recognized with awards.

About the author

Graduated in Psychology from the University of Valencia (2004). She has a Master's degree in Safety and Health at Work (2005) and a Master's degree in Mental System Management: Neurocreativity, Innovation and the Sixth Sense (2016), both from the same university. As a complement to her profession, she took the course Nutrition and Obesity: Overweight Control at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and a degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the National Distance Education University (2014).

She also qualified as a Specialist in Coaching in Well-being and Health (2019) and has a degree in Psychiatry (2019) from the Miguel de Cervantes European University. Throughout her professional career, she has worked in the area of social psychology, selecting and training personnel. Since 2008, she has worked as a psychology and emotional intelligence trainer in secondary schools and offers psychopedagogical support to children with developmental and learning problems.

Valeria Sabater is a writer and has won several literary prizes. Among her notable works are Los lobos de la pueblo Serieva (2015), Pon corazón a tu cerebro (2020) and Felicidad a  55 cuentos luz (2021). She also works as a writer, editor and curator of content on topics of psychology, health and well-being.

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