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Thady Carabaño


Social communicator and journalist. She has experience as a programming manager for television channels and an external provider of editorial services. In the same way, she has worked as a freelance creative writer in different media.

About the author

Graduated in Social Communication from the Central University of Venezuela (1992).

Worked as a programming manager at Colombeia TV (2011-2013) and manager of the Institutional Relations Office at TVES (2013-2016). Similarly, she was an external provider of editorial services at CANTV for more than 9 years.

She has experience as an editorial coordinator, communications strategist, editorial coordinator, creator of social media campaigns, and content manager. As of 2016, she focused her career on writing as a freelancer. She currently collaborates with several digital agencies and is the founder, writer and workshop facilitator of Escrito con Sentido Digital.

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