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Daniel Osuna Sisco

Metallurgical engineer

A metallurgical engineer with more than 8 years experience as a versatile writer. He has trained a significant number of editors and works as editor in chief in different sports, health and technology media. He has advanced knowledge in SEO, digital marketing and content management.

About the author

He graduated, with special distinction, in Metallurgical Engineering from the Universidad Nacional Experimental Politécnica Antonio José de Sucre (Venezuela) in 2018. He also has a certificate in Inbound Methodology awarded by HubSpot Academy in 2020. With more than 8 years experience as a versatile writer, Osuna Sisco has participated in various journalistic projects and collaborated with media such as Diario del Dinero, Don Balón, Tarjetajazo, Diario Top, Turismo Top, Step-by-Step Procedures, The Last Triathlete, among many others. Likewise, he has trained numerous editors and currently works as Editor-in-Chief in sports, health and technology media. In addition, he is a specialist in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Digital Marketing and Neurolinguistic Marketing.

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