5 Reasons to Be Happy

Our road to happiness seems eternal. However, there are so many reasons to be happy all around you. Learn more in today's article!
5 Reasons to Be Happy

Last update: 27 May, 2022

What is happiness? Some people may define it as an emotion, a circumstantial state, or as a feeling of satisfaction, joy, and enjoyment. There are many varied reasons to be happy. That’s because happiness is subjective to the way each human being looks at life. Some people need more in their lives than others, but there are always going to be reasons to be happy.

One’s inability to be happy stems from the emotional burdens they bear. However, the key is to keep a positive attitude as you go through life. Today, we’ll open your eyes to 5 reasons to be happy that will help you feel better each and every day.

Reasons to be happy

The 5 reasons to be happy that we’re going to share with you are very practical. They are things that we may forget about because we are constantly worried. However, keeping these reasons in mind will improve your mental health and promote positive results. 

1. You’re alive

This reason may seem overly basic, but it has stratospheric value when you look at the amount of critical and terminal health-related cases. When you look at it from that perspective, you realize that living and being healthy is a privilege that you cannot waste on regrets. Think about the fact that you’re alive and healthy, and breathe in the vitality.

2. Reasons to be happy: You’re talented

Everyone has a certain talent that makes them unique; that talent is something that only a select few have, and you’re one of those people.

Let your potential show and make it one of your reasons to be happy. Don’t try to hide it. If you show your talent off and utilize it, you’ll experience lasting satisfaction.

3. You’re loved

Your loved ones are all around you doing their best to support you, even if you’ve never noticed until now. It’s important to take some time to reflect on the family and friends who care about you and who you may take for granted.

To do so, it’s best to find another level of emotional depth and learn to appreciate how fortunate you are to have people who love you in your life.

Playing games is a way to manage the excessive use of screens.

4. The best is yet to come

Take time to look back on your life and realize how much you have grown along the way. This will help you see how life continues to get better and, therefore, the best is yet to come.

While it’s true that life can be a rollercoaster, you have to keep moving forward and learning. You are better today than you were yesterday, and tomorrow you will be better than you were today.

5. Reasons to be happy: Nothing is permanent

Nothing lasts forever, whether it’s something positive or something negative. Everything moves on and continues its cycle. Therefore, it’s not healthy to dwell on a bad time in your life. Instead, since you’ll be a better person tomorrow, you should work to get through that time using your past experience and wisdom.

When you accept that and understand that life is constantly changing, you’ll realize there are countless reasons to be happy. Let life surprise you and be sure to value what you currently have. 

Things you should avoid

Happiness is something your work towards, so it’s important to avoid certain harmful attitudes if you want to improve your well-being. We’ll share the thing you should avoid if you’re working towards happiness.

Avoid comparisons

Comparing yourself with the rest of the world is one of the most harmful things you can do to your mental health. This applies to both your lifestyle and work situations.

Instead, you should focus on your own life, the activities that you are doing, and how you can work to improve yourself. That way, you’ll be more likely to achieve your goals and you’ll change how you look at the world. 

Do away with resentment

Save yourself the pain, anger, and negative feelings associated with a past situation because it will only hurt you. Give your mind a chance to rest and make room for positive feelings. 

Misinterpretations can cause unhappiness

A lot of our unhappiness stems from misinterpretations of the situations we’re in. You shouldn’t assume the worst and, instead, you should wait for the truth to reveal itself. Everyone’s reality is different. Therefore, what may appear to be something negative could turn out to be a simple oversight. 

Don’t let criticism control you

Other people’s judgment of us can be powerful, even if we don’t want to show it. So, you should try to put the most value in what you think is best for yourself and what makes you feel good. This will help you forget about others’ criticism.

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Helpful tips to help you embrace the reasons to be happy

After putting aside the things that can hurt your happiness, it’s important to strengthen your reasons to be happy. Because of that, we’ll share some useful tips to help keep you moving forward.

Connect with nature

Making time to connect with nature and to breathe in the fresh air is known to help people feel more tranquil. In addition, being surrounded by silence can help your problems fade away, at least for a while.

A happy couple running in the woods.

Nurture your soul to give yourself even more reasons to be happy

Good deeds or kind gestures are a great way to fill your soul with goodness. Happiness is contagious and, therefore, making others happy is an excellent first step towards balance.


According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, long-term exercise can cause changes in happiness. In addition, it will also help you stay healthy, stay in good physical shape and it can help fight stress. Exercise is a very beneficial activity full of reasons to be happy. 

Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep not only helps with physical stability and a good attitude to help you face day-to-day challenges but it’s also related to an ability to access good memories. According to a study published in the journal Current Biology, people who don’t get enough sleep have a hard time accessing positive memories.

There are always reasons to be happy

As you can see, there are so many reasons to be happy. However, you can only find them by sharpening your understanding of happiness. Positive well-being doesn’t come from perfection. Instead, it comes from the genuine positive feelings we experience every day.

Don’t forget that the road to happiness is long and has different stages. The secret is to learn to live each stage with positivity and presence. 

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