4 Self-Love Habits that Every Woman Should Adopt

For many centuries, women have been working toward a more equal role in society. However, there's still a lot more work to be done. From an individual perspective, elf-love habits are a great start.
4 Self-Love Habits that Every Woman Should Adopt

Last update: 27 May, 2022

Self-love habits are habits that promote a deep connection with your needs and desires. These habits are developed by working at it every day.

Loving yourself means knowing what you want and fighting for it. Loving yourself isn’t selfish. It’s a form of basic respect.

What is self-love?

For centuries, women and their desires have taken a backseat in patriarchal societies. Women ended up believing that being a “good mother and wife” was loving themselves. They thought that enduring mistreatment, that suffering in silence, and that satisfying others was the same as loving themselves.

Fortunately, the times are changing little by little. In reality, there is still a large gap in equality between women and men. However, in the personal sphere, every woman can support a change by loving herself and by prioritizing her dreams and desires.

For feminist empowerment, these self-love habits are very positive. Among them are letting yourself dream, letting yourself achieve those dreams, having a natural and healthy body, and letting yourself go out or stay at home whenever you want.

In short, it’s about learning to dive through your own wants and feelings, knowing what is and isn’t healthy for you, and setting boundaries to ensure that your life is as fulfilling and possible.

4 Self-love habits that strengthen your personality

To achieve the objective of a full and happy life, it’s important that you add these self-love habits to your daily routine:

Listen to yourself

woman hugging herself showing self-love
Follow your dreams to achieve any goals you propose to yourself as a woman.

It might seem obvious, but women have historically been conditioned by social opinions that weigh heavily on them. The majority of cultures have considered women to be tradable goods or housekeepers. Raising children, whether your own or other people’s, was considered a feminine task.

It hasn’t been easy to achieve even basic rights, and in many countries, women are still denied these rights. However, in the West, women can choose their lifestyle with relative freedom. However, we say “relative,” because if a woman doesn’t want kids or a husband, she’ll often be judged by part of society, many times by her own family.

Because of all this, listening to your own desires is the most important self-love habit. Whether it’s to choose your career, a partner, or what to wear, it’s important to connect to your own wants.

As Simone de Beauvoir said: “women are made, not born.” Nothing is set in your life. You are your life.

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Self-love habits: Say “yes” to yourself

Clearly, self-love habits are very interconnected. Accepting herself with all her defects is the most beautiful thing a woman can do for herself.

The image of the smiling, submissive, maternal, and complacent maiden can stay stamped on old statues and paintings. Nobody can define what it is to be a woman, nor compare one woman with another.

Let yourself be happy

happy woman at sunrise
Don’t let anyone take your happiness away. Enjoy life as a woman!

Many women stay in unhappy relationships and don’t realize that the door is open for them to leave. For women, distancing yourself from suffering is much more difficult than for men. Men, since they are born, are taught to be free and independent.

Knowing this – and knowing that for patriarchy, happiness isn’t necessarily given to women – it’s impossible to remain impassive. You need to take that step towards self-esteem, either in your relationships with your partner, your friendships, at work or in your family.

It’s up to you to meet your own needs and live the life of your dreams.

Self-love habits: Work on yourself

It’s always advisable to think big, in every sense, but also personally. You have to work on yourself and your passions, your dreams, persist, and live with passion.

You should work on forming new friendships and growing in every way that you find fulfilling. This doesn’t mean you have to make huge changes overnight. The word “work” implies patience and dedication.

Working on yourself implies giving yourself goals and putting yourself out there. That way, you can create a life for yourself that is always blooming, happy, and fulfilling. Self-love habits are seeds we plant for our future happiness. Where there is love, there’s happiness, where there are habits, there’s hope.

In short, by realizing you deserve love and committing to giving it to yourself, you’ve already taken the first step. You’ve already started down the road to achieving your desires. A few simple self-love habits will be enough to bring you everything else.

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