6 Reasons for Weight Gain in Your Morning Routine

Are you having troubles losing weight? Your morning routine may be getting in the way. Learn about 6 morning habits that can cause weight gain and get in the way of your goals.
6 Reasons for Weight Gain in Your Morning Routine
Elisa Morales Lupayante

Reviewed and approved by the pedagogue in physical education and nutritionist Elisa Morales Lupayante.

Last update: 30 May, 2022

It’s no secret that keeping a balanced diet and getting regular workouts and physical exercise are the most effective ways to cope with excess weight. In spite of this, however, some people never get the results they expect. They grow discouraged over time because they believe that all of their hard work is in vain. Our morning routine may be the culprit – find out 6 common reasons for weight gain.

In addition to incorporating these good practices into your daily routine, it’s important to correct some of your morning habits. They might seem harmless, but they can actually prevent weight loss.

Although it might not be easy to notice, they interfere with your normal metabolic activity. They also prevent you from expending optimal amounts of energy throughout the day. This is why it’s critical to learn to identify these habits and do all you can to prevent them from becoming a part of your regular lifestyle.

We know that many people aren’t aware of what they are, so here are 6 reasons for weight gain that you should avoid.

1. Reasons for weight gain: sleeping too much

Woman asleep with alarm clock
Getting less than seven hours of sleep a night has been put forward as one of the main reasons for weight gain. However, getting too much sleep is not the best option either. Research conducted in 2014 revealed that those who sleep more than 10 hours in a row see increases in their body mass index.

It seems that getting too much sleep also increases your cortisol levels. This is a hormone that, in addition to causing stress, also leads to overeating. Experts advise getting seven to eight uninterrupted hours of sleep a night in order to achieve optimal sleep quality.

2. Not getting enough sunlight

This may not seem like it should be part of our reasons for weight gain. However, there are indications that sunlight helps activate metabolism early in the day. Research has shown that UV rays in the morning are healthy. They provide energy to the body while, at the same time, triggering metabolic activity.

Getting between 20 to 30 minutes of sunshine in the morning is enough to have a positive effect on your body mass index.

3. Eating too little for breakfast

Woman with hardly any food on her plate
One of the morning habits that can be one of the biggest reasons for weight gain is eating a breakfast that is low in nutrients. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While some people prefer to ignore that fact, it’s essential to provide your body with the energy it needs to work during the day.

Your breakfast should contain between 500 and 600 calories distributed across the following sources:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Antioxidants
  • Healthy fats
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

4. Waiting too long to eat breakfast

Waiting too long to eat breakfast after you wake up can also influence weight gain. Your body needs energy to activate its functions. While you usually have reserves during the night, a significant amount of these are depleted.

In addition to that, your stomach feels empty and increases the production of acidic juices in response. This can trigger inflammation and symptoms of gastritisThat’s why it’s a good idea to eat within the first hour of getting out of bed. If possible, drink a healthy beverage like tea or lukewarm water with lemon juice.

5. Doing too much and in a hurry

Woman stressed at work
Having multiple activities that start from the second you wake up can make you feel like your time is limited. As a result, you start doing everything in a rush. Although this can help you get things done on time, operating at this level on a regular basis increases feelings of anxiety. This, in turn, can affect your body weight.

Waking up just 20 to 30 minutes earlier is a good way to avoid this.

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6. Eating processed snacks

Mid-morning snacks are great for fighting that feeling of hunger that reappears after you’ve burned a few calories. The problem is that too many people choose commercial, processed products.

They may be very tasty, but these options are filled with calories and other substances. Instead of controlling your hunger, they actually disguise it. This increases your desire to eat more.

After eating them, you feel full for a few minutes. But thanks to the sugar and fat content, you soon want to eat again.

This is why it’s best to choose healthy alternatives like:

  • A handful of nuts
  • A serving of fruit
  • A cup of tea or a smoothie
  • A cup of plain yogurt

As you can see, there are certain daily habits that affect your increase in body weight. Try to avoid them from now on and replace them with healthier options, both for your body and your overall health.

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