How to Make Healthy Ice Cream

· April 29, 2015

Who doesn’t like ice cream in the summer? There are some who even enjoy it when it’s cold outside. In the following article you will learn different recipes to make healthy ice cream at home and with few ingredients. This way, you can have them ready for when you want without having to go out and buy them.

Sherbet vs ice cream

It’s not necessary to be on a diet for you to want to enjoy fruity ice cream or “sherbet” as it’s known in a few places. These are the ones that cool you off the most and quench your thirst on a hot day, whether in the office, on the beach or in the countryside. In addition, if we make them ourselves, it’s because we’d use seasonal fruits. They are good for dieters, because they are low in fat, cholesterol, calories and sugar.

We also have ice cream available, which is made mostly of milk and can be consumed as a desert or a snack. These don’t quench thirst and you have to be careful with the amount of sugar that is added. However, they’re preferred for their consistency and flavor.

ice cream2

Natural homemade healthy ice cream

We can make delicious and healthy ice cream at home and can even become an activity to do with children. There are three types of preparation: with fruit; with fruit and milk and with teas.

  • The first option, with fruit, summer species are used, being very abundant with water and having a sweet flavor. For example, it is recommended to make ice cream with watermelon, peach, raspberry, lemon, etc. or make a mix of several ingredients, like melon, pear and apple or cherry and orange. In these cases, you must chop the fruit, add ice and blend in a blender to form a cold dessert in minutes. Remember that less additives will make healthier and more natural ice cream5
  • The second option is the most popular due to its consistency and that it seems like store bought ice cream. Milk and yogurt serve as thickeners and give flavors, as well as being ingredients are always in the refrigerator, especially in homes with children. You can add egg to add protein and consistency and use any food that you wish, especially banana, peach or pineapple, i.e. the more fleshy fruits.
  • And thirdly, we can prepare ice cream with tea infusions. All we do is make tea as usual (in strands or bags), allow them to cool and then mix with crushed ice. Suggestions for more delicious ice creams are green tea, cinnamon sticks, apple, black, mint or peppermint teas.
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The best healthy ice cream recipes

  • Peach ice cream recipe: is perfect for children and is easily made. It can be done in summer, which is when the fruit is available in the market. The ingredients are two cups of skim milk powder, one cup of skim milk, a cup of sugar (you can use 2/3 sweetener), one beaten egg, ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract or almond, two medium peaches or cup chopped peaches. Mix the milk, sugar, egg and vanilla and beat well until a homogeneous mixture is formed. You can use a mixer or a blender. Add the peaches and pour into a container and take to the freezer. Leave at least one hour in the freezer before serving.
  • Lemon ice cream recipe: a classic that quenches thirst and is delicious. The ingredients are one-half cup of skim milk, half a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice (some choose the one that comes in a bottle), half cup of whipped cream, a pinch of salt, a tin of condensed skim milk, six graham cracker crumbs and if desired, lemon slices. Combine the milk with the juice, cream, salt and condensed milk with a mixer or blender. Place half hour in the refrigerator. When semi solid, mix with the cookies and put it in the freezer for one hour. You can garnish it with lemon slices and 1 cookie per serving.
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  • Banana ice cream recipe: without a doubt, a different way to enjoy this fruit that you can find throughout the year and is a kid favorite. The ingredients are 1 banana or a sliced medium plantain, three tablespoons of skim milk and a tablespoon of chopped walnuts. Cut the banana and take it to the freezer for two hours. Then place in a food processor along with the milk. Mix well. Stir in the nuts and continue beating. Place back in the refrigerator until ready to serve.
  • Kiwi ice cream recipe: you need 200 grams of kiwi, 100 cc of water, 1 tablespoon sugar and half of unflavored gelatin. Blend everything except the gelatin (added when everything else is well integrated). Fill the molds and take to the freezer, let an hour pass and add sticks (optional). Leave in for at least two hours.
  • Strawberry and orange ice cream recipe: you need 200 grams of strawberries or berries, 100 ml of orange juice, 1 tablespoon sugar and half of unflavored gelatin. Blend the first three ingredients and then add the gelatin. Pour into molds and take to the freezer. After an hour, put the sticks and then leave in for two more hours.