Important Facts About Sugar

· April 6, 2015

As we know very well, sugar is one of the foods that damages our health the most.  However, many mistakenly believe that the harm caused by consuming too much sugar is much less than that caused by other foods.

In fact, a large number of people all around the world continue consuming large quatities of it.  Therefore, in the following article, we present you with some important facts about sugar that you probably didn’t know.  Remember that to be in good health, just exercising is not enough; you must also be pay attention and be careful what you eat.

It Can Damage Your Heart

Some studies have shown that sugar can significantly damage your heart.  This product affects the heart’s pumping mechanisms, which can thus increase the risk of a heart attack.

Additionally, other analyses suggest that sugar plays an important role in infantile obesity and the accumulation of stomach fat.  Along those lines, specialists confirm that the increase of beverages with high fructose content have contributed to kids suffering from obesity and, as a consequence, future health problems like heart disease and diabetes.

Considered to be “The Silent Killer”

Sugar is considered to be “The Silent Killer” as the damages it causes are not always visible.  For example, many years ago, it was proven that sugar, above all fructose, inhibits the production of leptin, which is a hormone that produces the feeling of being sated when eating.

Thus, upon being altered, said hormone causes us to eat much more without realizing it.  So, of course we gain weight, which will cause serious problems in the future.  On its own, there are also strong idicators that give reason to believe that sugar is involved in the development of cancer, especially in people that inject insulin and have at some point developed a resistence to it due to the continued sugar consumption.

Genetics Can Lead to More Sugar Consumption

In addition, some experts have conducted experiments that suggest that the taste for sugar can be of genetic origin, the same as alcohol.  It has also been shown that both products produce similar effects in the body.  Thus, too much sugar consumption can seriously affect the metabolism.

Also, although it has been believed that sugar is an excellent mental stimulator, the truth is that it has recently been proven to affect the memory and accelerate the aging process of cells.

It Is Important to Check How Much Sugar We Consume

Finally, we should pay attention to the foods that probably contain high sugar levels.  It is commonly believed that certain products do not contain much sugar.  However, if we observe the label or nutritional label, we will realize that the sugar content in those products is very high.

Because of this, the best thing to do is to check the nutritional facts of things that we eat, and, above all, significantly decrease our intake of soft drinks and sugared drinks that, as we well know, can lead to the onset of obesity and serious diseases like diabetes.

We hope you’ve learned a few important facts about sugar in this article that will help you make wiser decisions when it comes to your health and diet in the future!

Image courtesy of Ume-y.