Foods that Fight Uric Acid

· August 24, 2015
It is important to consume foods that reduce the production of uric acid as well as make sure your diet is clear of foods that promote it.

Do you have a raised level of uric acid? Do your joints ache and become inflamed? In addition to following the advice of your doctor and getting a routine checkup, we also recommend changing up your diet as well. Want to know what foods can help fight uric acid? Then keep reading!

Fruits that lower uric acid


We know that often its hard to eat healthy. Sometimes we indulge in health and food habits that make it difficult to feel well. But why does uric acid really form in our bodies?  You should keep in mind that your body can synthesize foods into uric acid, such as processed foods, anchovies, meats, liver meat and even sugary drinks such as sodas. These foods crystalize and form a type of crystal in your body that is released from your kidneys into your blood and make its way through your blood vessels causing inflammation and the accompanying pain.

A typical characteristic of high levels of uric acid is the inflammation of the large toe in the foot, of the hands and of the knees. While you think you can live through slight pain of inflammation, often the pain will increase. You should always follow your doctors orders and faithfully take the medicine recommended but being able to monitor what you consume can also help alleviate symptoms. Why not give it a try? Incorporate a few of the following foods into your daily consumption and see the results.

1. Artichokesartichoke

Artichoke is possibly the best vegetable to help prevent uric acid. Its secret lies in the diuretic characteristics of the vegetable, helping your body eliminate toxins and preventing the retention of liquids. In addition, artichoke has lots of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. They are rich in fiber, proteins and fatty acids.

To prepare artichokes for the best health benefits, try boiling them into a tasty soup. Serve with a dash of olive oil and apple vinegar.

2. Onionsonionsoup

Make sure you’re including onions in your daily diet. Onions were a favorite of our historical ancestors to help cure and manage several diseases. Onions are great for reducing the level of uric acid in the blood, also dropping levels of hyperglycemia. They also work to lower triglycerides. 

Have no ideal how to fix them to get the best benefits? Take two medium onions, peeled and chopped and boil them. When translucent, remove from heat. Strain and set aside the water to drink later with lemon juice. Try drinking it throughout the day.

3. Squashsquash

How do you feel about squash? It’s not only tasty but it’s healthy for you too. Squash contains powerful diuretic properties that can hep you eliminate uric acid thanks to the production of urine. That means your body will rid itself of harmful toxins. Try preparing them in the same manner as the above mentioned fruit. And don’t forget the seeds. Toasted, they make a great snack and serve the same uric acid fighting purposes.

4. Celerygreenjuice

Bet you didn’t know that celery has some pretty powerful health benefits. This tasty vegetable does wonders for any recipe and acts as a blood cleaner allowing you to reduce and eliminate uric acid naturally. It not only cleanses your blood but can also act as a detox agent to help you lose weight. So if you want the most benefit, try boiling in water.

4. Carrotscarrotjuice

Carrots are another great ally for those attempting to control their uric acid production. They can make any recipe tasty and carrots work in your body to eliminate the crystals that build up in your body and form uric acid. You can have them in a natural juice form. Try combining them with beets in a juicer or blender.

Things to remember:

You should also keep in mind that eating venison, processed foods, beer, anchovies, sardines and other sea foods will increase your uric acid production. Make sure to include exercise in your daily routine and you’ll begin to feel the difference. You should always follow your doctor’s prescribed health regiment and add to your diet beneficial foods such as cherries and citrus fruits such as grapefruits. They are rich in vitamin C, a great element with which to battle uric acid.