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Daniela Andarcia

Professional in Human Talent Management

She graduated in Human Talent Management from the José Lorenzo Pérez Rodríguez University College, in Venezuela, and has taken digital marketing courses. She has knowledge in SEO and has been working as a professional copywriter for more than five years.

About the author

In 2011, she graduated from the Human Talent Management program at the José Lorenzo Pérez Rodríguez University College in Venezuela and has taken marketing courses that specialize in managing Instagram and other social networks, in which she has collaborated as a manager and administrator.

She has more than five years of extensive experience as a professional writer. She has also worked as a content creator for various digital media focused on various topics such as health and wellness, among others.

In fact, in recent years, she has collaborated on websites specializing in health, nutrition, and training, emphasizing that she has extensive knowledge in SEO, creation, editing, and layout of content in WordPress.

Likewise, she has worked in the design and management of interactive e-learning content on platforms such as H5P and Moodle for language courses.

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