What Does it Mean to Be a "Crystal Child"?

"Indigo" and "Crystal" aren't labels. These adjectives allude to children with different levels of consciousness and extraordinary abilities. However, is there any truth in these theories?
What Does it Mean to Be a "Crystal Child"?
Marcela Caffulli

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Last update: 18 November, 2022

A crystal child is part of a generation that promises to intervene in the world through love, peace, and harmony. For that reason, this kind of child has a special sensitivity, which is highly concentrated with empathy.

In fact, many people believe that a crystal child has the ability to lead huge changes and bring the world to a new more just, and tolerant era. But, is there any truth in this theory? Let’s go a bit deeper.

Children of the third millennium

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People say that the cornerstone for change in the world is the children. For many years, a theory has existed – with a certain spiritual inclination – which suggests that humanity will gradually improve through genetic changes over one or more generations.

This theory classifies children by psychological patterns and unusual behavior. Some people believe that the first generation of spiritual children turned up during the ’50s or ’60s. However, their attempts to improve the world were not successful.

As a result, between the ’70s and ’90s, another generation arrived. This generation was known as the indigo children. These children had h ardened personalities, are were known as “system busters”. Their mission was to fight actions and attitudes that don’t derive from love.

Indigo children also seek respect for human values and honesty. However, recently people have been talking about children of a different nature: the crystal children.

The first person to identify this generation was Steve Rother in 1999. In 2002, Rother officially published his findings in a chapter of his book, Re-Member, A Handbook for Human Evolution.

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Who are the Crystal Children?

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Crystal children are peaceful beings looking for truth and balance between the intuitive and irrational. In contrast to indigo children, who strive to focus humanity on well-being amongst change, crystal children have a healing mission.

Crystal children tend to be very beautiful, with a pure and bright aura, and large expressive eyes. They have two particular attributes: they have powerful abilities, which people often consider to be extraordinary, and they have a heightened sensitivity to low vibrational energy.

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What does “crystal child” mean?

“Indigo” or “Crystal” aren’t just labels. They refer to the different levels of consciousness. This generation of youngsters is associated with crystal vibration. This is an energy that vibrates in all living beings. Moving between one plane of consciousness to another changes a person’s vibration.

The crystal vibration frequency is one of the purest forms that matter has to manifest itself with. In fact, crystal energy is a precise balance between energetic polarity (masculine-feminine, thinking-feeling). So, this is the type of energy that particularly vibrates in crystal children.

What’s a crystal child like?

A potential crystal child holding a cardboard heart in front of her face

This generation is comprised of children with a calm, healing, meditating, peaceful loving, and compassionate character. In the book, Indigo and Crystal Children, Questions and Answers, the author claims parents of this generation see them as “little angels.”

This is because they have a balanced temperament. For example, they love to bring peace, give kisses and hugs, even before learning to speak. They’re also very discreet. They don’t tend to stand out and prefer to go unnoticed, despite calling the attention of sensitive people.

Within traditional medicine, crystal children tend to have certain developmental disorders. These include Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Asperger’s Syndrome, or another disorder on the autistic spectrum. However, this has nothing to do with the causes for their behavior; these children have an important life purpose.


In the article Waking Up the Crystal ChildrenSteve Rother identifies the main attributes of these little ones in the hope to better define what a crystal child is.

For example, a crystal child has psycho-kinetic abilities, vibratory hypersensitivity, and is connected with the earth. They also feel emotional empathy and are allergic to fear, among other characteristics.

Do these children really exist?

The third-millennium crystal child theory still has no scientific backing. In fact, specialists claim that you could apply such qualities and attributes to any child, in any place and time. Additionally, we should also remember that every person and child is different and unique.

A crystal or indigo child is simply a way of describing psycho-energetic characteristics. The aim of this classification is to understand these children, but above all, understand their message.

The search for the better and social changes must come from new generations. They have the key to convince their contemporaries and lead great changes.

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