5 Steps to Find an Emotional Balance

We should learn to channel our feelings so that we can keep an emotional balance. A good grip on reality around us helps us to better adapt to it.
5 Steps to Find an Emotional Balance
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 09 October, 2022

Emotional balance is created by a calm atmosphere. It is also regulated by an internal harmony. Getting to this point isn’t easy. However, there are some easy strategies we can use to get there.

We know that emotional balance is synonymous with well-being. It is also closely tied to your physical health.

Something amazing happens when we reach this balance. We are finally able to be completely aware of each moment of our life. Nothing can destroy our self-esteem. And we get a feeling of really being in control.

Outside pressures can pull us away from who we really are. They can take us away from the things that make us who we are. These things wear us out. It can even get to the point to where our emotional balance is completely off kilter.

We need to find a sense of calm. It’s possible to find a harmony between our own needs and outside demands. We need to find this subtle emotional balance. After all, it is there that we are much more happy and free.

The Samurai mind and finding an emotional balance

It’s possible that the title of this section caught your attention. After all, at a glance, you don’t put samurai and psychology in the same box.

However, Bushido philosophy is more inspired than simple athletic coaching. It’s worth finding out more about Bushido.

In fact, we want to highlight an interesting point. Books like Training the Samurai Mind: A Bushido Sourcebook by Thomas Cleary are available in bookstores everywhere.

In this book, the author goes through what samurai did to calm their minds. By calming their minds and finding an emotional balance they were able to defeat their enemies.

In reality, Bushido is a philosophy that summarizes strategies for personal growth. The aspects that Bushido focuses on have attracted innumerable self-help gurus.

In this article, we want to share 5 basics strategies, which will help you find emotional balance.

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1. You need to be above your worries. 

You should never put yourself below what you fear. To find emotional balance, we need to have a good grasp on reality.

  • Needing to be above our worries is simple. It means we need to develop a clear perception of the world around us. We need to take control of the situation.
  • The moment you put yourself below your worries, they drag you down further.

For example, what would happen if you didn’t have a job? For most, this would be a very complex, if not devastating situation.

It can be very easy to lose control. If that happens, you might tell yourself “there’s no solution to this problem” or “I’m always going to be stuck here.” You need to be careful of your fears.

Remember, put yourself a little higher than your worries. This way you can stay in control. When you do that, the things you fear lose power over you.

2. Accept adversity

Samurai accepted their death. They understood that sooner or later they would give up their lives out of duty. This was part of Bushido.

  • We don’t have to go to that extreme. However, we should accept adversity. After all, it’s important to realize that life isn’t easy. Sometimes you lose things and other times you have to let things go.
  • Taking on this dark side of life allows us to be more realistic. Doing this also helps us to maintain a calm mind. That way we can move towards an emotional balance.

3. Develop your decisiveness

We need to be active participants in life, not just spectators. We need to learn to make decisions for ourselves. If we don’t, our self-esteem, emotions, dignity, and values will be easily shattered.

We need to develop our assertiveness. This way, we can be generals on the battlefield of our minds, not just foot soldiers.

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4. Your mind is your best ally

A samurai’s best ally was their mind. After all, only with a calm mind can you triumph over your enemies.

  • There are many enemies of a balanced mind. Among these, stress, doubt, and fear are the biggest adversaries. They take our minds off of the things we should be focusing on.
  • To train our minds, we need to make time for ourselves every day.
  • Silence, meditation, and taking care of our needs are very important. Try to take an hour or two every day to work towards these things. This will help you work towards a calm mind.

5. Keep your values, principles, and goals clear

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Everyone should get up every day with a project or a goal in mind. Sometimes, it can be as simple as “I want to be happy and deserve to be so”.

Just like samurai have their bushido code, we should have our own set of values.

  • If you have a goal and you know where it comes from, nothing can stop you. You know where you’re going and have your principles. The psychological and emotional balance that this brings is very significant.

Put this into practice today!

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