Don’t Worry About Getting Old, Worry About Growing

· January 9, 2017
We spend our days waiting for something to happen to us, for something to change. Only worry about enjoying the present, that's all we have guaranteed.

We are lying to ourselves if we say we aren’t worried about getting old. This is a thought society has as a whole. It causes us a certain amount of uneasiness.

This is, in part, the result of deceptive advertisements. They tell us that we should stay young forever. But, in reality, personal growth is the most important thing.

We focus too much on our appearance but forget about what’s inside us.

Years shouldn’t weigh on us. They should bring us happiness. Celebrating your birthday means you have grown another year older. Have you taken into account how much you have grown? You aren’t the same person as before.

Don’t live with worries


Ads, television, and all of the other forms of communication try to crush us with the fear of getting old. These aren’t the only sources of this fear. The way we live our lives also has a lot to do with feeding this fear.

However, this fear doesn’t come from where you are right now. Here’s an example. Many years ago, a woman had to have children while she was young. This reduced the amount of time she could enjoy her youth. She also had to marry young or nobody would marry her.

These are ideas that have mostly stayed in the past. But, in a way, they have changed.

Do you have time for yourself? Work forces us to give up the time we need to take care of ourselves. This is time that we should be using to cultivate our minds, hiking in the woods, or even enjoying a good book.

From the time we are young, we are a part of innumerable extra-curricular classes. These help us to quickly learn life lessons so we can go far in life.


Despite the passage of time, none of this changes. Chores turn into work. Extra-curricular classes turn into overtime.

At the end, time has passed and we haven’t enjoyed it. The days pass filled with stress. The thought of getting everything done, or getting it started for tomorrow, weighs on our minds.

Have you stopped to enjoy the present?

The future is our present

Today and right now have stopped existing. We only worry about a tomorrow full of expectations and things to do. Sometimes these things don’t happen.

We need to put off the things we like so we can take care of our responsibilities. We wear ourselves out with work we many times can’t put off. Sometimes we submerge ourselves in this work.

How can you pass time slowly? When you were a child, you enjoyed the present moment. You didn’t think about tomorrow. You only thought about the here and now. Growing and learning were important.

Your five senses were focused on the present. You noticed every sensation. Every minute you were constantly surprised.


Perhaps, the problem is this: nothing is new for us. We have taken on boring routines that keep us from slowing down. They even keep us from resting.

However, this isn’t to say that you have to abandon what you like to do. Or even, that you should give up those responsibilities that no one else will take care of.

We are saying that you need to learn to feel, grow, and see.

Feel, experiment, live, grow…

Don’t think about the past or the future. Do what you did when you were a child. Focus on the here and now. If you do that, you’ll forget that tomorrow exists and will give everything to today.

Don’t spend too much time annoyed and you will feel better. You may even see your productivity at work increasing. Force yourself to enjoy everything. Think about what you feel around you and breathe.

If you want to turn your life around by leaving your job, do it. If you want to indulge yourself, do it.

We have today, but no one knows about tomorrow. Are you going to give up the opportunity to live life to the fullest?

We forget to do it. Routine is part of our comfort zone. This routine starts to override our feelings and emotions. We start to live gray lives.


This won’t help us to grow. It won’t help us to have fuller lives. On the contrary, it turns us into superficial people. We become continually sad and discontent.

If you are preoccupied with growing older, stop and think for a minute. Think about how you live your day to day life. Whether time passes slowly or quickly, this is all in our minds. When we enjoy something, time passes very quickly.

Learn to appreciate everything you do.

Because fear, worry, or anxiousness for our well-being causes us to realize something we want to happen one day: to be better, to grow…