6 Amazing Benefits of Hugs You Never Knew About

6 Amazing Benefits of Hugs You Never Knew About

Last update: 27 May, 2022

Did you know that hugs aren’t just comforting but can also lower your stress and anxiety levels and support good cardiovascular health?
Read on and learn about the importance and benefits of hugs. There’s no doubt that they are one of the most widely used displays of affection all around the world and all throughout history.
Humans have an imperative need to give and receive affection. It starts when we’re babies and we look for the love of our parents and their protective embrace.

Benefits of hugs

1. Improve self-esteem

Improve self-esteem

Physical contact gives people more security and self-confidence. A hug forces us to allow another person to enter our personal space. With this direct body-to-body contact, we symbolically open our trust to the other person.

We could say that hugs humanize us. When we embrace someone, we’re giving a clear message of affection, appreciation and empathy.  This simple gesture lifts our mood and gives us strength.

2. They teach us another way to communicate

Body language is a true reflection of our emotional state. Our physical movements are  communication too,  even if it’s not verbal. In a hug, there is a message that both parties intuitively receive and understand.
We may embrace someone when we’re moved by the joy of a reunion. We may give someone a hug to comfort them, or to say “I love you,” whether it be love in a couple, between siblings or among friends.  Hugs are body language and ultimately help improve communication between people.

3. Reduce stress and anxiety

Reduce stress and anxiety: benefits of hugs.

Few things can calm a person’s anxiety or panic like a hug. In an emotional crisis, hugs are immensely comforting. Physical contact reduces stress and spreads calm.
Therefore, we can say that one of the benefits of hugs is better emotional health. By reducing stress, they give us more peace, happiness and well-being.
Hugs help in tough times, when we’re overwhelmed by work, or when we just think we can’t go on. No one is so invincible as to not need a hug from time to time.

4. Make your heart healthier

Hugs are also part of a physical manifestation of love. Just like kissing, hugging a loved one also has real effects in your body. In particular, there is an increase in oxytocin levels.
Oxytocin is a powerful neurotransmitter that provides a sensation of pleasure and reduces physical and mental discomfort. In addition, it also supports your cardiovascular system and heart.  To sum up, hugs are the most pleasurable and natural way to prevent or improve heart disease .

5. Help with fear in loss

hugs reduce fear of dying

Hugs and other forms of affectionate or friendly physical contact comfort us. In fact, they can make a person’s fear of dying lessen. Simply holding a person or an animal — even a tree — helps us to face it with more peace. It also makes it easier accept the inevitable moment when our lives end.

6. Increase serotonin levels

Serotonin is a chemical that our body secretes, and it acts as a neurotransmitter.  When we hug our loved ones, we increase our serotonin levels and feel pleasure and happiness.
A person in a depressed states or with high stress levels  has serotonin levels that are below normal. Therefore, one of the benefits of hugs is their ability to balance out serotonin, which is also responsible for regulating sex drive.

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