7 Ways to Live Longer

Managing stress and working on replacing negative thoughts with positive ones will benefit our mental and physical health. In addition, it can help us to live longer - and better.
7 Ways to Live Longer
Raquel Aldana

Written and verified by the psychologist Raquel Aldana.

Last update: 30 May, 2022

The life expectancy of humans has been steadily increasing during the 20th century. However, this trend has been slowing down in recent decades. In fact, the chances to live longer than the age of 100 have been decreasing considerably.

The new study conducted by researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York (USA) states that the limit of longevity has been reached and ends at 115 years.

While it is true that longevity may be a matter of luck and genetics, it is clear that incorporating good habits into our routine is something that has a lot to say in this regard and that will drastically influence our life expectancy.

Here, briefly, we will address what we can consider 7 essential tips that could contribute to an improvement in the quality of our life. Considering that it is not too late to start putting them into practice.

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1. Take care of your diet to live longer

dieta para exceso de vello

We shouldn’t just take care of our diet in order to maintain a good figure. In fact, we have to eat well to stay healthy inside and out.

In this regard, the daily caloric intake that is appropriate for each one of us depends on multiple factors that should be indicated by a professional.

According to experts in this field, for example, not everyone is healthy enough to fast. Therefore, given that strict fasting can be detrimental to our health because of the strong shock to our body, re-educating ourselves about our diet is the best solution.

Remember: There’s no need to subject our bodies to extreme diets. Above all, you should not stop eating under any circumstances. Nutritionists advise eating 5 meals a day, so not eating can have a negative and detrimental effect on our body.

However, we can change our habits and what we eat every day.

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2. Stay physically active

Doing physical activity two to three times a week can increase your life expectancy by up to 6 years. According to data from the Copenhagen City Heart” study, moderate exercise such as a weekly run of 1 or 2 hours preserves part of our youthful vigor.

In fact, doing physical activity prevents a large number of diverse ailments, such as osteoporosis, obesity, and cardiovascular problems.

For this reason, you have a good excuse to incorporate this habit into your life. Leave a sedentary lifestyle behind, get moving and live longer and healthier!

3. Get rid of bad habits to live longer

dejar de fumar

Avoid tobacco, alcohol, excessive sugar and everything else that we know for a fact is harmful to our body.

Don’t be blind to your bad habits. Just because you don’t want to see them doesn’t mean that your lungs aren’t charred by tar, that your liver isn’t healthy, or that your pancreas can’t take any more sweets.

Also, pay special attention to instilling a healthy lifestyle in your children – if you have them – and lead by example.

Also, if you’re over 50, you should seriously consider eliminating anything that could be damaging your body. Not only will you lengthen your life, but you will also improve your quality of life.

3. Laugh and cultivate positive thoughts

pensamientos positivos

There are multiple investigations that reaffirm the idea that people who maintain a positive attitude towards life and the passing of the years live longer than those who tend to do the opposite.

While it’s disturbing that our negative attitudes have such a big weight on the years we will live, it’s hopeful to remember that by working on our inner self, we can prolong our outer self for even more years.

4. Exercise your mind every day to live longer

ejercita tu mente

We have to exercise our mental abilities every day. Stop making excuses about lack of time. Remember: reading, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, sudoku, or writing can all add years to your life!

However, remember that you’re not a machine and your mind needs to be in good shape to help solve problems that concern you and learn about things that interest you.

Healthy mental activities make us capable and skilled to face daily life effectively, solve problems, and helps to keep us young and healthy.

5. Combat stress: Breathe and relax


Don’t the rush consume you. Take care of your stress levels with special care and attention. Controlling stress will help you keep the other habits that we’ve explained in this article.

So, being released has multiple psychophysiological benefits such as hormonal regulation and cerebral and physical metabolic balance. This, of course, will result in important benefits for your health and an increase in your life expectancy.

6. Take care of your emotional life to live longer

La inteligencia emocional comprende saber reconocer los sentimientos.

Value your loved ones and keep them close, because our emotional side is one of the most important to keep us longer in this world. Be constant, conscious, and careful in your treatment of others.

This will help you to stay physically and mentally active, as well as to be part of a social support network that will always play an indispensable role in your well-being.

If you have a partner, take care of your relationship with them, encourage constant exchanges, and, of course, don’t ever give up your sex life. This aspect is particularly important, as we tend to forget it too much over the years. Stimulate and explore all the options that your body offers you.

7. Get the sleep you need

Dormir bien es fundamental para aliviar el dolor lumbar.

Get enough sleep and try to keep to a regular sleep schedule. Also, your biological rhythm must be in tune with nature’s rhythm – that is, sleep at night and stay awake during the day.

Some of us need 8 hours of sleep, others 9, and others maybe 7. However, don’t worry about whether it’s too much or too little – sleep what you need. This is a truly revitalizing habit that can help you live longer and better.

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