Five Tips to Enjoy a Fulfilling and Safe Sex Life

August 14, 2019
Learn how to enjoy sex without worrying about anything. Take a look at the tips we share in this article to enjoy a fulfilling and safe sex life!

Everyone can enjoy a fulfilling and safe sex life. However, to achieve this, it’s necessary to follow a series of tips that people tend to forget or overlook. That’s why we decided to share five tips in this article to enjoy a good sex life.

Taking care of your sexuality and enjoying it healthily is very important to your well-being. But sometimes people don’t know what to do to achieve this. Below, discover some basic tips.

How to enjoy a fulfilling and safe sex life

As many studies point out, sexuality is part of our personality. For this reason, each of us expresses it differently. However, some tips can be applied in all cases.

Some of them are very important to bear in mind since irresponsibility in these cases could seriously put your health at risk.

1. Protect your health

A man opening a condom.

Sexually transmitted diseases are a serious sexual health problem among young people.

This is one of the first major points to enjoy a fulfilling and safe sex life. It’s all about protecting yourself against possible sexually transmitted diseases or infections that currently affect a large percentage of the population.

In fact, as studies point out, HPV or human papillomavirus infection affects thousands of people each year. This is serious because a strain of the virus causes cervical cancer.

2. Know your body to enjoy a fulfilling and safe sex life

To enjoy a fulfilling sex life, it’s essential to know your body. This includes your genitals. You’d be surprised to know how many people have never looked at, and much less touched, their genitals.

Masturbating, touching yourself, and seeing yourself is a healthy way to know your body to discover what you like, what you don’t, and new ways of pleasure. This will allow you to enjoy sex more.

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3. Use birth control methods to prevent unplanned pregnancies

A woman holding contraceptive methods.

Contraceptive methods are ways to enjoy sex in a fulfilling and safe way.

If you don’t want to have a child and just want to enjoy fulfilling and safe sex, it’s essential to use methods to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. The pill is very effective and, combined with a condom (which helps prevent the spread of STDs or STIs), will allow you to focus only on enjoying the moment.

We recommend you always consult your doctor regarding the contraceptive option that may work best in your case. Maybe one method is better for you than another. In case you want to have a baby, just stop using the chosen contraceptive method.

4. Communication is essential

The fourth of the tips to enjoy a fulfilling and safe sex life is good communication. If you prefer to try another sex position or you want your partner to touch you elsewhere, you have to communicate it.

This will allow you to enjoy much more pleasurable sex. When you know what you like and you express it, things will certainly change. Besides, learning to assertively express what you want will also be very beneficial in other areas of your relationship.

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5. Play and experiment

Sex toys and lubricant.

To boost sexual arousal, you can use sex toys or lubricants that increase libido.

For fulfilling and safe sex, it’s very positive to play and experiment with completely new things. One of the easiest ways to do this is to opt for sex toys that can rekindle the spark that’s so necessary for any relationship.

Sometimes, this can make you feel ashamed or insecure. If this happens, you must analyze your self-esteem. Some people don’t enjoy a good sex life because they don’t like their bodies. If this is your case, you should talk to a professional.

We hope these five tips to enjoy a fulfilling and safe sex life made you take another look at certain aspects that you were perhaps overlooking. Communication, using condoms, taking care of your self-esteem, and knowing your body will guarantee healthy sexuality.

Do you enjoy a fulfilling and safe sex life? Of the five aspects we mentioned above, which one have you never even thought about? Listen to and discover your body and always safely enjoy your sexuality without barriers and insecurities.

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