A Person’s Greatness Lies in the Small Details

March 31, 2019
Sometimes those tiny details can mean a lot more than any grandiose action that is not made from the heart. These are the small gestures that elevate your state of being

Small details are the ones that can create strong emotional bonds. These actions allow your heart to form the greatest friendships or romantic relationships.

To understand the greatness of a person, it’s not enough to only look at their appearance. On occasions even their words will fail to reveal what’s truly behind them.

A person’s true essence lies in those almost imperceptible things that are being developed every day. No doubt you yourself are a good observer of those qualities.

In fact, it could be said that to build lasting and healthy bonds, it’s important that you address those small details. This is where a person’s true roots are destined to grow.

That’s why we suggest that you reflect with us on this theme that comes through so many of our interpersonal relationships.

We’re sure that you’ll find it useful.

The tiny details, the language of the heart

From the time we are children we learn social norms. They are built on respect, courtesy, and how to live with one another.

But beyond the rules of courtesy, past the boundary of saying “please”, “thank you,” or “good morning,” this intimate awareness is where a true personality is created.

A person can easily be helpful and courteous, but behind their façade there could be a hidden interest.

On the other hand, there are people who don’t give a second thought to these small details. That way they don’t know whether someone is a good or a bad person.

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Big actions and small details

A girl flying with a leaf.
Some people believe that love is demonstrated through grandiose actions.

  • More satisfactory and happy relationships, however, are formed when they renew their bonds every day.
  • They don’t withhold gifts or avoid performing heroic actions. But what they really need is that reciprocity where each glance is sincere – where their love is both shown and perceived.

Things like “how was your day” and “you make me very happy” are small details that you or your partner can always be grateful for – things that enrich you more than the most expensive gift.

Your values are hidden in the small gestures

A woman with a rose.
Sometimes you might find yourself surrounded by people who look at you but don’t really see you. There may be friends or relatives that hear you, but don’t actually listen to you.

  • Suddenly, however, someone arrives who can read you like an open book and who, through small details, shows you their sincere interest in you.
  • These daily gestures are what show you the natural goodness of a person. This is because we all have an inner compass that reveals when someone is being sincere or not.
  • The person who values those small details recognizes the effort, the intent, and the emotion behind them.

“If I ask you how you are it’s because I’m truly interested. I want to be by your side because I really feel the need”

It’s these small things that the people we love make us grateful for every single day.

Happiness is in the small details

The small details, a girl with hanging hearts.
Happiness is, above all, the absence of fear. It’s a state of peace and balance that is both mental and emotional, and when you become more receptive to everything that surrounds you.

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  • A smile, a laugh, a sincere look, a touch, an unexpected surprise…

These small details enable you to enjoy the happiness that is capable of healing, able to forget any grief or disappointment.

  • If you’re obsessed about great achievements and difficult goals then you’ll only become frustrated and fail.
  • To be happy there’s no need to climb the highest peak. Sometimes you can simply stay in a quiet valley and admire the sky.
  • That’s where you’ll discover true happiness, plotted through small details that are discreet but golden trails, where you will eventually reach full self-realization.
  • Let’s be this way and be architects of that respectful coexistence that is capable of giving value to the smallest acts. Let’s act with humility and respect, valuing ourselves and those around us equally.

Understand that saying “I love you” over and over again doesn’t make your love any more sincere. Sometimes it’s much better to show your love with genuinely than to be content with empty words.