A Woman’s Most Beautiful Curve is Her Smile

· November 7, 2016
True smiles are given without thought and reflect your inner well being. They help you feel at peace with yourself and connect with others.

There are those days when it’s just impossible to put a smile on your face. Your mood plummets, stress overwhelms you, the day starts out with more pressure than hope and it’s hard to even dress yourself in this state.

There’s no doubt, however, that on more than one occasion you’ve been walking down the street and bumped into a stranger who smiled at you for no reason, and almost without realizing it, you return the smile.

Smiles are beautiful, they light up your entire face and allow you to better connect with those around you. In addition to that, they say that a smile is the most beautiful curve of a woman.

That’s why we want to encourage you to free yourself from internal battles, forget about your anxieties and just smile.

Your smile should always be sincere, it shouldn’t be used as a mask to hide behind. True beauty lies in happiness. You must cope with many things and overcome many challenges to achieve happiness. 

In today’s article we invite you to reflect on the importance of smiles.

The most beautiful smile is the one that reflects your inner well-being

We’re sure that you’ve heard the statement that there is nothing more brave than the person who shows their best face even when their soul is shattered.

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This isn’t the right thing to do. No one should spend part of their life masquerading as something that their heart doesn’t feel. When you’re down and out you must accept and properly deal with that state of mind.

You shouldn’t wear masks because they tend to entrench certain emotional states.

A woman’s sad smile

Smiles are the most powerful language that humans have. That image is rapidly encoded by any look to connect you directly to your emotional intelligence.

  • Whether you believe it or not, your emotional brain is also able to tell the difference between sad and happy smiles. It’s not just the gentle curve of the mouth. Your emotions are clearly shown in your eyes, your gestures, your voice and your attitude.

Therefore, although you may face your day with a smile even when you’re filled with sadness, sooner or later someone will notice.

No one can hide their feelings and emotions forever, nor is it healthy to do so.

A sad smile on a woman’s face is not beautiful; it invites melancholy and the desire to unravel all her sorrows. Don’t let this become a chronic habit or use masks to trick others by saying “everything’s fine, nothing is going on.”

  • Take the time that you need for yourself. Loosen each knot that cuts off your air and happiness – don’t abandon that vital obligation to care for yourself and manage your emotions properly.
  • Whatever is neglected is lost and what is cared for will recover. So reconnect with your heart so your smile once again becomes the most beautiful curve of your body.

A smile is a wonderful weapon of seduction

You don’t need to be the perfect size to be attractive, nor do you need designer clothes, the latest hairstyle or the fanciest shoes. The beauty of a woman lies in her attitude, which is transmitted through her smile, energy and self-esteem.

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It’s also good to remember that smiling isn’t just for the purpose of attracting and seducing someone. Most of the time the person who has a smile across their face has no other intentions.

It’s just a reflection of your interior, yet it still exerts a great magnetic force.

  • There’s no doubt you’ve noticed this from time to time. Someone you know may not be especially beautiful but when they smile they give off a powerful attraction.
  • It’s the charisma, a feeling that is transmitted and the security that follows it.
  • The most seductive smile is the one that appears without being forced, one that words cannot intervene with. It is when a gaze is resting on nothing and she is pleased with her own thoughts and is feeling good.
  • It is important to remember that laughter is a great way to connect with people quickly and fully.

Laughter is contagious because your brain is guided, above all, by positive emotions. Positive things help us to survive and adapt better to our environment.

Perhaps, in conclusion, we should return to what we said at the beginning. Never use your smile to hide your worries and make others believe you’re incredibly strong.

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A person who is truly strong is able to acknowledge their sadness, come to terms with it and use it to continue their life with more strength, dignity and beauty. Your smile is the most spectacular when it is truly sincere.