Live Your Life and Forget Your Age

That old saying that "age is nothing but a number" is extremely true. Here's why you should live your life to the fullest and forget your age.
Live Your Life and Forget Your Age
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 27 May, 2022

The best age is the one that you have right now, because it’s in this moment when you have the best opportunities to be who you want to be. It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or 60. Forget your age, and live your life!

And you… how old are you? We’re not talking about the number of birthdays you’ve celebrated, but the age that you feel in your heart and enjoy in your mind.

That’s what really counts. Beyond the actual years lies your life and the sense of happiness that makes you feel good, comfortable with who you are and who you see in the mirror.

Something that we all know is that our society tends to overvalue youth. It sells the idea that being young is synonymous with beauty, and not only that, but also well being.

It’s rare to see more mature women and men walking the runways, with smile lines and wrinkles or looking a little soft in the middle, but still equally beautiful.

Youth might sell for big business, but it’s clear that being young isn’t always synonymous with being happy.
On that note, today we want to talk about why you should forget your age.

Age doesn’t matter as long as you still love to laugh

What was your first thought this morning? Believe it or not, when the day comes that you open your eyes in the morning without a single goal or project coming to your mind, that’s the moment when you start to age.

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A mind that is full of dreams, plans, hopes, concerns, and curiosities is what shapes a person into knowing how to make the most of their life, regardless of what their passport or driver’s license says about their age.

Nevertheless, there are times when you focus only on the outside – on that extra candle on your birthday cake, on the figure on the scale, or the size you’d like to be so you can wear the clothes you had when you were younger.

All these examples are real sources of suffering that you need to learn to deal with. That’s why we want to show, through examples, how people really begin to age.

Aging is a process that begins in the mind, not in the skin, and everyone has the power to avoid it.

Live Your Life and Forget Your Age

We age when dreams are extinguished

  • You grow old when you say “no” to a day at the beach because you’re embarrassed for others to see you in a swimsuit and notice how your body has changed.
  • You grow old when you listen to the person who tells you that “this isn’t right for you, that ship has sailed.”
  • You grow old when you cling to routine and fear change because you think it might bring something bad.
  • You grow old when you look with envy on the happiness of others instead of going out to seek and create it for yourself.
  • You grow old when you stop setting goals on the horizon and choose to follow what others do.
  • You grow old when you close doors and become mere spectators of life passing by the windows.
  • You grow old when you give up, when you stop trusting, and you become suspicious and gloomy.
  • You grow old when you stop being interested in things, asking question like “I wonder what happens if...”
Live Your Life and Forget Your Age

Forget your age, live your life

Stop counting the numbers of your age and focus on what’s important: living your life.

Forget your age, because no matter how old you are, what’s essential is making every moment worthwhile. 

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That’s why we invite you to think about these phrases, internalizing these ideas to become a little bit happier:

  • A day filled with worry, anger, and argument is a lost day.
  • Every morning is a new opportunity to take advantage of, regardless of whether you’re 20, 30, or 70 years old.
  • Growing up means learning what’s really worthwhile. Everything else, everything that brings you down and upsets your inner balance, is best left behind.
  • Life is too short to live according to other people’s plans!
  • Understand that the opinions of others don’t define you, so your only purpose from today on is to be yourself and follow your own path.
  • Good friendships are those who let you remain young and filled with dreams for life: choose who you spend your time with wisely.
  • Make other people happy whenever you can, because every positive emotion gives life to your heart and youthfulness to your smiles.
  • Be passionate about life. Each day, train your gaze on the gates of curiosity and learn something new. Be surprised by everything that surrounds you.

Don’t hesitate to put these simple tips into practice. Forget your age, and enjoy every day of your life.


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