Happiness Comes from Within, Not from Someone Else

· August 10, 2016
First and foremost, to achieve happiness you must be at peace and at ease with yourself. From that point you can cultivate this state in everything you do

Happiness can be formed in many different ways.

Whether it’s alone or next to the person you love, this positive and always rewarding emotion is part of a specific and almost magical place: the emotional brain.

That’s why we want to be clear about one point: being with someone you love is a wonderful thing, but sometimes, even with the best couple in the world, if you don’t feel good about yourself then complete happiness will never be possible.

Wellness, balance, and joy should always come from within you. The best way to find happiness, whether alone or with someone, comes from peace in your heart and feeling good about everything that you are and what you have.

Today we invite you to reflect on this subject.

Happiness comes from within – it is an inner journey

Lately there’s been a theme that’s increasingly found in the aisles of bookstores referring to personal growth and how to cultivate happiness during difficult times.

It’s certainly ironic that as a society with so many resources and technologies, feelings of emptiness, loneliness, and sadness tend to prevail.

It’s clear that every person is different, and we all have our own personal spaces where we’re trying to be happy, but sometimes that distinct and unpleasant feeling that you will never achieve happiness can become almost constant.

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A good book on this subject that we invite you to review is “You Can be Happy in Alaska.” It focuses on cognitive psychology, trying to help you in a fun and practical way to deal with complex situations like stress, depression, and anxiety.

Humans were created to be loved, while things were created to be used. One of the reasons why the world is in such chaos is because it’s the things that are being loved, and people used.

“You can be happy in Alaska” -Rafael Santandreu-

2 woman flowersLiving in the present without fear

Happiness is, above all, a lack of fear.

Although this emotion has essential utility in an evolutionary sense because it can help prevent you from doing something that your brain perceives as dangerous, fear can come from more subtle dimensions:

  • Fear of loneliness
  • Fear of not being loved like you want
  • Fear of not achieving the goals you set for each day
  • Fear of not being who others expect you to be
  • Fear that things will or will not change
  • Fear of losing certain things, certain people

All of these situations you are no doubt familiar with. So the first step to building your inner happiness is to rationalize that fear, understand it, and overcome it.

One way is to strengthen your self-esteem and avoid being so attached to particular things or people.

Learn to step lightly

Stepping lightly doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have someone by your side. Not at all. Few things are as wonderful as walking hand in hand with your family, your friends, those who are treasured in your heart.

  • Those partners in life should let you “step lightly.” Anyone who prefers to stand behind you and remind you of your faults, to whisper which way to go or what paths to avoid, won’t help you grow or find happiness.
  • Stepping lightly means knowing how to set aside what hurts you and damages your self-esteem or identity.
  • Promoting your freedom also means knowing what your priorities are. This is something that we invite you to consider right now.

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Once you know what’s most important to you, just fight for it. Everything else is secondary.

3 child and flowerSelf-love is a relationship that should last a lifetime

Happiness is a state that comes and goes, we all know.

You also understand that the key is to have that inner balance where your thoughts are in harmony with your emotions, as well as the things you do every day.

  • Self-love is the perfect mechanism by which the mind and emotions go hand in hand to quietly create your reality as an essential psychological construct.
  • Self-love is that fabulous bond that ties you to yourself and not to anyone else. Others cannot tell you when to be happy or not, according to their whims.
  • You are the one who loves yourself, and you must fight every day for your own well being.

When a person is happy with who they are, when their fears abate and their dreams appear over the horizon, that’s when the happiness appears inside to embrace those around them.

It’s something worth cultivating.