Sex and Friendship Can Go Hand In Hand

Sex and friendship can go hand in hand as long as both people are clear about their feelings and one doesn't become more involved than the other.
Sex and Friendship Can Go Hand In Hand

Last update: 27 May, 2022

Relationships can change over time, to the point that sometimes, simple friendships may also include sex. Are sex and friendship incompatible?

Today we’ll find out if this really is a possibility, and if it can even strengthen a friendship in certain cases.

Mixing sex and friendship – does it ruin everything?

Many people believe that mixing sex and friendship will ruin any relationship you can have (in this case, your relationship with your friend). Is that actually true?

People have always set boundaries in their relationships with others, but as you know, boundaries aren’t always a good thing.

Sex and Friendship Can Go Hand In Hand

If you think about it, romantic relationships always take on the appearance of friendship, and many of them start out as a relationship between friends.

So isn’t it natural for sex and friendship to go hand in hand?

The reality is that a big problem can arise when you want something more than the friendship and the other person isn’t on the same page.

Does this have anything to do with the term “friends with benefits?” That’s actually something very different, and we’ll make a point to talk about it.

People who call themselves “friends with benefits” are sometimes not even friends – they’re just two people who stay together to have sex.

Having someone with whom you only share intimacy isn’t the same as having a friend who’s together with you for other things.

That second person knows you – they’re your friend! This isn’t the case in the other circumstance.

The first case is probably the one that causes more problems because in the absence of friendship, a rejection of having something more is much stronger and immediate.

The other person may not even realize it because they only want to maintain your relationship at certain times.

On the other hand, in the second case, if the person you’re having casual sex with is your true friend, you can weigh the possibility of having something more with them, talking about it and seeing why it is or isn’t feasible.

It’s much easier: you know each other, you understand each other, and you’ve come a long way while sharing a true relationship of friendship.

Couples who start out as friends first are more lasting

Sex and Friendship Can Go Hand In Hand

It’s important to know that every relationship that starts as a friendship can be more durable, because the bond is stronger and the trust is greater.

The big problem that can occur is that the friendship becomes toxic because you know that having your emotions on your sleeve can trip you up.

This is why your communication must be open and honest, and both people must understand that if something goes wrong, you’ll find a solution.

Sometimes in this type of relationship jealousy can arise, or as we’ve said before, one person may love the other without it being reciprocated. This is where you find yourself in a cycle of “I love you but I can’t” that won’t lead you anywhere.

The problem of seeing sex and friendship as something negative occurs because people tend to see it as some kind of taboo.

Too many mistakes can occur, and you can wind up in toxic relationships that only bring you unhappiness that could have been avoided.

Sex and Friendship Can Go Hand In Hand

Have you ever been in such a relationship? What was your biggest problem?

It’s true that sex is usually reserved only for relationships, but maybe this is because we’re indoctrinated this way.

But what if sex with a friend is good for your relationship?

Perhaps you would have a healthier relationship and be much happier. To make everything work, however, you must be honest with yourself and with others at all times.

Trust is very important and sincerity even more so if there are emotions involved.

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