Makeup for Men: Steps and Tips to Enhance Natural Attractiveness

Concealer, foundation and lipstick for men? These are just some of the cosmetics useful in men's makeup. Yes, makeup is for men too! We show you how to use it.
Makeup for Men: Steps and Tips to Enhance Natural Attractiveness

Last update: 23 January, 2023

Dressing up your complexion is not just for women. Makeup for men is just as valid…and more common than you may think.

It’s a mistake to believe that putting on a little foundation or lip balm detracts from your manliness. On the contrary, these and other products are useful resources to highlight natural manly beauty.

The key is to make the application of cosmetics practically imperceptible. It’s more like grooming and light touch-ups to show off a neat face, in addition to camouflaging imperfections that a man’s skin can’t escape.

Although applying makeup can be controversial for some men, little by little, the subject is permeating society and becoming more commonplace. If you’re curious to learn more about makeup for men, we invite you to continue reading and learn how to use it!

Makeup as part of men’s grooming

For men, the purpose of makeup is to provide certain adjustments to the appearance of the face, without making it look overloaded. Simplicity and naturalness are the fundamental points that help hide dark lips, dark circles under the eyes, and acne, for example.

The detail is that there are men who would like to try the benefits of makeup, but often don’t dare because they believe it’s an idea that’s not for them. On the other hand, Asia Pacific World magazine talks about the acceptance of this trend in countries like South Korea.

The publication highlights that in this Asian region, the culture has been macho by tradition, but nowadays, it’s adapting to the rise of new values. In addition, success is measured by qualities, capabilities, and appearance – so much so that Seoul is considered the world capital of male makeup.

As if that weren’t enough, Plus One magazine proposes an endorsement of makeup to favor the appearance of men, through an experiment in which 20 men were photographed with and without makeup. Then they showed the images to a group of evaluators who did not know about the research so that they could rate the faces with makeup as more or less attractive. The ones with makeup on scored better.

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What products does makeup for men include and what steps should I take?

Makeup for men isn’t new. It started in ancient Egypt, where they used black eyeliner, highlighted the contours with greens, and painted their lips red to invoke gods and represent their status.

Centuries later, in Japan and China, dyeing the nails red also symbolized power. It was not until the Victorian era that social make-up restrictions arrived. Nevertheless, its application persisted.

Today, it’s an acceptable trend. To stick to it, we recommend applying the products outlined in the following steps.

1. Cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen

On any face, cleansing and moisturizing the face is necessary for makeup to look its best. In addition, sun protection factor (SPF) is a must, in order to avoid blemishes and premature skin aging.

For cleansing, a gel cleanser is recommended. This step is essential if you want the skin to absorb the subsequent products. You cleanse by applying a portion of the substance and massaging in circles, then rinse with lukewarm water.

The moisturizer should also be a gel and especially for men, without oils or silicones. With the fingertips, start by smearing a little on the forehead, go down to the nose and extend towards the cheeks. The purpose is for the dermis to gain luminosity.

Lastly, use sunscreen. The Self-Care Association emphasizes (article in Spanish) that hydration and an SPF prevent dryness, promote elasticity, and guard against ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

A man applying sun cream.
Even on cloudy days, sunscreen prevents damage from the sun’s radiation.

2. Use a primer

You should start with a primer suitable for your skin type, considering that men’s pores are often larger than women’s, on average. This sort of pre-base fills in those holes and smoothes the complexion to receive the remaining cosmetics.

3. Try camouflaging BB cream or CC cream

Men’s makeup does not strictly require the application of foundation. BB cream or CC creams have a lighter composition and with a small amount they even out the complexion tone. These creams moisturize and camouflage blemishes, providing subtle color.

For the third stage of makeup, just put a little of any of these balms and distribute them on the face. Massage for proper application.

4. Use concealer for dark circles

The color corrector gives light to the area of dark circles. You get them in stick and liquid; the latter is easy to use and provides a nice finish, as long as you choose the respective shade for your skin.

Apply a generous dot, wait 1 minute for it to dry a bit, and then blend in dabs, until the layer is even and blends with the natural complexion.

5. Opt for blotting sheets or sealing powder

Male makeup should also be sealed; this way, there will be no greasy residue. Although it’s possible to do this with compact or loose powder, blotting sheets do an excellent job, without leaving a sticky feeling. You can keep some of these tissues in your wallet and use them when you sweat, without affecting your makeup.

6. Try mascara and eyebrow gel

The sixth step in makeup for them is to give volume to the eyelashes with mascara. In addition to the classic black, it’s possible to lift the look with transparent mascara.

As for the eyebrows, as they are more populated than the female ones, just comb them. If you want to pigment, try light tones.

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7. Fixing spray

Fixing makeup is almost the last step. A little spray helps products stay in place and keeps your makeup from cracking.

8. Lip balm

Now you can finish off your makeup with lip balm. These sticks moisturize, nourish, and repair while adding shine. Some matte formulas perform the same function.

Lip balm for men.
Lip protection is essential in dry climates, strong sunlight, or on windy days

Tips for good makeup for men

The primary recommendation for subtle makeup for men is to select the right shades of creams, meaning that primer, concealers, and tinted foundations or balms should match your natural skin. Ask for advice in stores to find the perfect range.

Other considerations are as follows:

  • Check how the shades look under a light.
  • Apply a light coat and, if needed, add another one.
  • For those with beards, dense cream foundations are best and the way to apply them is by dabbing them on. If the foundation stains the beard, mascara can fix it.
  • It’s best to use makeup sponges and brushes, but fingers will also work, especially when you’re only applying BB cream or CC cream. For loose or compact powders, it’s best to use a powder puff.

It’s also important to give the beard a good shape and, if it is not thick, use an eyebrow pencil to increase the thickness discreetly.

Makeup for men should also be removed properly

Removing makeup properly is also essential, because it’s the way to prevent acne outbreaks, the early appearance of wrinkles, and other damage that the dermis often suffers due to the accumulation of cosmetic residues and environmental pollution.

Make-up remover wipes are a great alternative in emergency cases, but it would be appropriate to use micellar water, because it provides moisturizing, surfactant, anti-inflammatory, and astringent properties through micelles that reach the deep layers of the skin. On the other hand, other towels contain alcohol and components that can irritate.

Now that you have the facts to enhance men’s natural beauty by appealing to makeup, are you going to try it?

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