BB cream: What Is It and What's It Used For?

BB cream is a substance that illuminates and moisturizes the complexion. There's a variety of this product out there. Learn what it's for and how to use it here.
BB cream: What Is It and What's It Used For?

Last update: 18 July, 2022

Are BB creams part of your makeup routine? This cosmetic is multipurpose: it prepares the skin to assimilate other beauty products, while its properties intervene as a kind of skin treatment.

The substance is ideal for defining a natural look that hides imperfections, traces of acne, blemishes, and dermatological conditions on the face. It’s characterized by formulas that include natural ingredients that are predominant in facial care.

In this article, learn more about the qualities of this Asian-rooted cosmetic that’s capable of changing the appearance of facial skin with a small dose.

What are BB creams?

The term BB comes from blemish balm, translated as “anti-imperfection balm.” Its beginnings date back to the 1960s, when some doctors used it as a resource in dermatology to improve the appearance of scars after laser surgery on the face.

Its characteristics allowed it to jump into the beauty industry, as the balm proved effective in protecting against the sun’s rays, unifying complexions, providing luminosity, and repairing skin irregularities.

The study Analysis of the competitiveness of the cosmetic sector and natural ingredients emphasized that BB creams gain consumer preference for being multipurpose and for reducing the time and number of applications.

The usefulness of BB creams

These anti-imperfection recipes merge three products into one, so that they moisturize, act as a specific treatment, and serve as a base for makeup. They’re not as thick, though. These kinds of cosmetics provide many benefits, as listed below.

Crema BB cream para el rostro.
Invented for use after cosmetic surgery, this product arrived on drugstore shelves as a complement to beauty routines and as a photoprotector.

It has long-lasting effects

When you use BB substances on a daily basis, you also provide your skin with a therapy that improves the activity and quality of the skin in the short and long term.

It can help repair your skin

Pimples, fine lines, redness, and blemishes are all imperfections that can be camouflaged by the product. Also, the components prevent breakouts and worsening of the condition.

BB cream provides UV protection

While blemish balms are not a substitute for sunscreen, they include a degree of coverage that makes them an appropriate complement.

It evens out shades

There are different shades of blemish balm, from light to tan. It is in this way that its light texture evens skin tones and illuminates.

It’s firming

These balms have a firming feature. According to a publication of the magazine Farmacia Profesional, cosmetics with this property provide tensor and regenerative assets of the connective tissue.

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Types of BB cream

To select the product, it’s important to take into consideration your type of complexion, the desired effect, the sun protection factor (SPF), and the texture of the BB cream if you need it to contribute to any dermatological treatment. From there, you will have the following options:


It’s a daily use balm that helps perfect the skin with each application. It also provides a moisturizing ability that lasts up to 12 hours.


Matte BBs are intended for combination and oily acne-prone complexions. They’re non-comedogenic. They’re made from natural pigments and hyaluronic acid.

Since this type of BB cream is a powerful oil controller, you can be sure that your skin will look great and without excess shine. On the contrary, your face will show a matte to a satin finish due to the silica gel and oil absorption capacity.


If you have mature skin, this is the BB cream for you. It’s rich in antioxidants and emollients.

It also moisturizes and blurs wrinkles. The substance is effective in covering discolorations. They usually have SPF +30.


This anti-stain BB cream also acts against early signs of skin aging. Mostly, it does this for those caused by UV radiation.

To achieve its goal, the depigmenting balm provides vitamin E and vegetable glycerin. The latter is noted to be a dermal moisturizer.

For sensitive skin

Patients with rosacea and other skin conditions, subject to dermatologist approval, can use BB cream formulas whose ingredients include allantoin and enoxolone, two active ingredients that soothe symptoms of irritation. The coverage of this cream is medium and the sun protection spectrum reaches +30.

BB extra glow

Just as there are those who seek a matte effect, there are also those who prefer to offer an extra glow to facial skin. BB glow has stabilized vitamin C and antioxidants that counteract cell damage.

How to apply BB cream

For the best results from your anti-imperfection balm, cleanse your face just before using it. Use micellar water or a cleansing gel.

Once your skin is dry, proceed to apply it as we now show you:

  1. Moisturize, only if you have very dry skin. Once the moisturizer is absorbed, go to the next step.
  2. Spread a small dose with your fingers or a makeup sponge. Coat the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin.
  3. Wait for it to set. This takes a few minutes. Eventually, you will notice that it tends to clarify your skin.
Agua micelar para aplicar antes del BB cream.
Micellar water is a great starting point to then apply BB cream for better final results.

Who can use BB cream?

Anyone can benefit from blemish balm. These creams are ideal for those who don’t have a consistent skin care routine. With just one application they moisturize the face and conceal imperfections.

It’s the perfect cosmetic to take with you on a trip. It doesn’t take up so much space and covers the needs of the skin.

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BB cream vs. CC cream

Apart from lightening cream balms, CC creams are also available on the market. Because of the nomenclature, the user tends to confuse them.

The difference is that CC creams are only concealers. Their name comes from the term “color correcting,” and they’re characterized by intense coverage that enhances skin tones.

When choosing between BB and CC creams, keep in mind that the former is more natural and light, while the latter provides a formula and consistency that’s more similar to traditional makeup.

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