Natural Ways to Grow Longer Eyelashes

If you want beautiful, long lashes, read this amazing article! In it, we share how to have longer eyelashes that are sure to leave an impression!
Natural Ways to Grow Longer Eyelashes

Written by Okairy Zuñiga

Last update: 01 August, 2022

No doubt it catches your eye when you see someone whose eyes and eyelashes are perfect. But keeping them beautiful is no easy task. Long-term use of mascara, makeup, and other beauty products eventually weakens them and makes them fall out. Here are some some natural ways to grow longer eyelashes!

Foods we recommend for longer eyelashes

Like the hair on your head, eyelashes grow strong or weak based on the way you treat them. A healthy and balanced diet is essential. Every day you should eat at least five servings of raw vegetables.

Another good idea is to eat different kinds of fruits. This helps you get the nutrients you need, not just for your hair and eyelashes, but for strong teeth and nails, as well.

One final important food to add to your diet is oats. Oats are rich in silicon, which help your lashes grow faster and stronger. They are easy to incorporate into other dishes. Just add oats to soups and smoothies or combine them with your regular flour when baking.

Say goodbye to stress!

A stressed out woman.
Try to avoid stressful situations. Sure, you might be wondering: what does stress have to do with my eyelashes?

Well, you may have noticed that when you go through stressful situations, the hairs on your head weaken and can fall out more easily than normal. The same thing happens to your eyelashes – they grow weak and fall out. It’s harder to see, but it happens at the same rate as your hair.

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Get plenty of biotin

Biotin, formerly known as vitamin H, helps strengthen your eyelashes and promotes faster growth. You can get it from certain foods. Because it’s one of the B-vitamins, it’s found in:

  • Bananas
  • Sardines
  • Nuts
  • Almonds
  • Yeast
  • Whole grains

As a mid-morning snack, try to get used to eating:

  • Almonds
  • Peanuts

Antioxidants and vitamin C

Kiwi juice.
Antioxidants are made up of vitamins C and E. These vitamins are what are responsible for fighting free radicals. They support the growth and strengthening of hair and eyelashes.

If you don’t get enough vitamin C, you’ll notice that your hair becomes dry and begins to split. Vitamin E, on the other hand, helps increase scalp circulation.

You can find these vitamins in:

  • Citrus fruits (lemons, oranges, tangerines)
  • Kiwi fruits (very high amounts)
  • Avocados
  • Green vegetables

Citrus fruits are easy to incorporate into your diet – just drink a glass of juice with breakfast! It will strengthen your eyelashes while giving you the nutrients your body needs.

Don’t forget to remove your makeup before going to bed

Don’t forget to remove your makeup at the end of the day. It’s particularly important if you wear mascara and eyeliner to remove these before you go to bed.

They contain chemicals that make your eyes more striking, for sure, but when worn for long periods of time they can weaken your eyelashes. It’s also a good idea to apply your mascara with a soft brush that you rinse often.

Plenty of other products are available to brighten your eyes, apart from mascara. There are even natural options. Start by trying some of them out, little by little, so you can observe the progress yourself.

Olive oil

Olive oil.
Olive oil acts as a natural conditioner for your lashes. Rub a few drops into your eyelids every evening, paying special attention to the base of the eyelashes. Rinse them in the morning with cool water.

After repeating this procedure for a month or two, you may notice that your new growth is stronger and healthier.

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Emu oil

Emu oil is to eyelashes what gasoline is for cars. It gives them a lot of energy and makes them grow thick and strong. You should apply emu oil with a cotton swab from the hair root to the tips.

This oil is great for cosmetic use in general, so you don’t need to limit yourself to only using it at night. You can apply it during the daytime and enjoy an extra sparkle to your eyes.

Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is another natural conditioner for eyelashes. You can apply it and leave it on overnight or rinse after 15 minutes. Like olive oil, apply it to the base of your eyelashes and the eyelids. You may start to see results in a few weeks.

We hope these treatments prove helpful to you. However, remember that you need to use them in combination with a proper diet to see the best benefits for your lashes.

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