Fruit Juice for Weight Loss: 3 Recipes

You probably know about all the health benefits of natural fruit juice. If you're looking to slim down, check out these fruit juice for weight loss recipes!
Fruit Juice for Weight Loss: 3 Recipes
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 27 May, 2022

Fruit juice is an excellent tool for losing weight. You probably already know about all the great natural health benefits of drinking a smoothie made with apples, carrots, and beets. But, there are so many more delicious combinations that you’re going to love. So, if you’re looking to slim down, check out these three recipes for fruit juice for weight loss. 

1.  Apple, cucumber, and ginger juice

cucumber apple ginger juice for weight loss

Do you have trouble deciding what to make in the morning for breakfast?  Try this juice! Not only will you be starting your day healthy and hydrated, but you’ll also be improving your figure.

How does this juice help with weight loss?

  • Apples:  You probably know that a green apple in the morning is an effective way to lose weight. Rich in flavonoids, fiber, and vitamin C, apples help regulate blood sugar levels and activate the metabolism. They contain a treasure trove of medicinal properties to fight cholesterol and diabetes.
  • Cucumbers: They’re light and refreshing, which is why they’re perfect for adding to your juice. Cucumbers have a very high water content, which helps you feel full. In addition, cucumbers are loaded with antioxidants that help regenerate cells.
  • Ginger: We’re sure you’re already familiar with the many benefits of ginger.  We mention it often on our site because of its great medicinal properties. Ginger helps you to better digest food, reduce inflammation and regulate blood sugar levels in the body. Adding ginger to cucumber and apple gives you an ideal fruit juice for weight loss.

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  • Rinse a green apple and a medium-sized cucumber, then peel and cut into chunks. You’ll also need about 40 grams of fresh grated ginger.
  • Prepare a ginger infusion in a cup of water (250 ml). Once it’s ready, add it to the blender with the apple and cucumber. Blend thoroughly.
  • You might notice some little bits of apple, but don’t strain them out! They are full of vitamins and minerals and will help you stay full longer.

Grapefruit and melon  juice for weight loss

grapefruit and melon juice

This is a tasty and refreshing juice. If you get home tired in the evening and are looking for something light and refreshing, this one is for you.

What are the specific benefits of this fruit juice for weight loss?

Grapefruit: Grapefruit is rich in fiber and vitamins. It’s well known for helping promote weight loss, but you have to be consistent and consume it every afternoon. Grapefruit is a great fat burner, too. The acids found in grapefruit improve digestion and fight water retention. It’s fabulous!

Melon: Melon is the best cleansing fruit you’ll find on the market. It doesn’t matter what type of melon you choose—combined with the right fruits, they’re great for weight loss. Rich in minerals and fiber, melons are great for detoxifying the body and make you feel full.


  • You’ll need 200 grams of melon; it must be fresh for the best nutrient content. Remember if the melon is overripe, its sugar content will be too high.
  • Get the juice from one medium-sized grapefruit.
  • Now let’s use the blender. Add a cup of water (250 ml), the grapefruit juice and melon chunks. Blend well and add a few ice cubes. You already know that cold drinks accelerate the metabolism and burn fat. It’s very healthy, one of the best combinations of fruit you can prepare. Let’s start today.

3.  Carrot, orange, and parsley

orange carrot juice

Have you ever tried carrot and orange juice? It’s one of the best and healthiest juices for shedding pounds. Drink it in the mornings or with lunch. Add a few ice cubes and enjoy a refreshing beverage that will jump-start your metabolism and improve your health. It’s amazing!

How does this juice help with weight loss?

  • Oranges: Oranges help regulate digestion, prevent constipation, fight water retention and strengthen the immune system. They’re rich in soluble fiber which helps cleanse the gut and prevent inflammation. It’s a valuable medicinal fruit for your daily life.
  • Carrots: Carrots are rich in fiber, beta-carotene, vitamin A and potassium. They are one of the vegetables that prevent inflammation and fluid retention. It improves digestion and helps with weight loss. Plus, it is the perfect vegetable to combine with oranges to make a delicious juice.
  • Parsley: Parsley is a medicinal herb rich in vitamins and nutrients that are vital for disease prevention. It purifies the blood, prevents anemia and stimulates digestion.


  • You’ll need the juice of two oranges. Put the juice into a blender along with two clean carrots that have been cut into pieces.
  • Add one cup water (250 ml) and blend well.
  • Add 2 sprigs of parsley.
  • Remember to drink it fresh. Adding ice will make it even more delicious and refreshing. It’s perfect for lunch.

Which fruit juice for weight loss will you try today?

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