Celebrate Success and the People Who Support You

· June 21, 2016
These people help us up when we're down. They offer their time and support without asking for anything in return and they're the ones there to celebrate with us when we reach our goals.

Our time is the best gift that we could give to anyone. It is our most precious resource and we wouldn’t give it up for anyone or anything. It’s not something that we hand over without a moment’s thought.

In some way, we distinguish between those we give and receive time from, especially if they’re glad to do it and ask for nothing in return. The appreciation is even greater when we can get together to share a few moments with that special person when we’re craving their company.

It’s amazing to have people in your life that are there for you precisely when you need them most. They have a way of filling the emptiness with their presence, words, hugs or with just a moment of shared silence.

Our PEOPLE in capital letterstogetherness


These same people are by ours sides for the simple fact that they want to be near us, even when we aren’t the best company and are carrying a very contagious virus: discouragement.

Hopelessness is a disease that, when taken to the core, is really hard to get rid of.  That’s why they stay by our sides. They understand this, and are the ones that really truly appreciate us.

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What’s more, they’re the only people who are able to appreciate what it takes for us to reach our goals and the price we’ve had to pay for the transformation we’ve undertaken.

These people were the ones who listened when our eyes were filled with tears, the ones who stopped us from beating ourselves up and doing even deeper damage.

The difficult times show us just how much people care about us. It’s almost like how farmers used to separate the chaff from the wheat in the days of old.girl-with-guitar

In difficult times, their support keeps us going

The level of automation that exists in our lives is huge. If we were to count the number of tasks that we do every day without without thinking, we’d all be truly surprised.

We get up, hop in the shower, dry off, get dressed, and eat breakfast. We can spend the whole day on autopilot without realizing it, without even connecting our consciousness to reality for a moment.

However, one thing that characterizes difficult times is that this automation disconnects us. It can become a normal, effortless state of mind. Combine it with depression, and it becomes an even greater hurdle to overcome.

Faced with this continuous effort, the fact that we have people around us to lend us some of their strength is not only comforting, but it mask our efforts that much easier.

PRESENCE doesn’t mean grand gestures or courtesy visits, it’s about just being there with a few words of encouragement.man-headache


It’s not easy to be there for someone who’s going through a hard time

Depression doesn’t tend to make people pleasant or attractive. It may inspire them to write or paint, but it also makes them more introverted and distracted. Their gaze turns inward and the only seem able to connect with us when we share their focus of attention.

They become demanding, believing the world owes them something. By the world we mean fate, but also those around them. It’s very easy for them, when frustrated, to unload on others without asking themselves if they should.

On the other hand, their lack of attention translates into being oblivious to the needs and problems of others. The world could collapse around them, but nothing seems to be able to grab their attention.

They may even be so filled with bitterness that it prevents them from being empathetic with others.


Celebrate the good times by being thankful

If giving up time and sharing it with others is a gift, then let’s celebrate it by being thankful. Let it be a symbol of recognition for the people in the sidelines that have always been there for us and never let us throw in the towel when things got tough.

Celebrating, despite all the good that it symbolizes, is not considered especially appropriate socially. It’s as if sharing our joy of an achievements means we’re all egocentric people who love gloating about their success.

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Celebration is associated with the absence of thought and good judgment, losing control of the instincts and emotions. Many times we might even repress the desire to congratulate ourselves because, although we’ve reached an important goal, there are still aspects of our lives that are not going just right.

We often don’t celebrate our successes our of fear of what others will think, or that it will look like we’re shoving it in their face.


By holding back our joy, we’re punishing ourselves by not recognizing our achievement and efforts. We’re telling people around us that despite all the work and the benefits its brought, there’s no room for joy.

Nobody deserves that. Parties and celebrations aren’t something left behind in youth and forgotten. On the contrary, celebrating is necessary because our lives and the people in it are just as worthy of celebrating.