Parsley, Carrot and Orange Juice for Weight Loss

06 November, 2018
While it’s rich in vitamins, under no circumstance should you replace your meals with this juice. It’s intended as a complement to your diet, not a major component.

In today’s article we want to share a delicious recipe for parsley, carrot and orange juice that helps naturally promote weight loss.

Natural juices are becoming increasingly popularity because they’re great for helping you lose weight the healthy way, without having to starve yourself.

They’re typically low in calories while providing important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other key nutrients that support a diet for weight loss.

The combination of the ingredients in this parsley, carrot and orange juice make it a potent cleansing agent that can help improve your overall health while facilitating weight loss. Let’s find out more!

How does this natural juice diet work?

Carrots and oranges both provide your body with a large amount of antioxidants that promote the elimination of toxins that contribute to the build up of fat.

To understand how beneficial this juice can be for your diet, it’s helpful to know more about the properties of these ingredients.

Benefits of carrots for weight loss

Parsley, Carrot and Orange Juice for Weight Loss

Carrots have become one of the most important foods for weight loss because they’re a natural source of fiber, which contributes to good digestion and the elimination of waste that the body needs to function properly.


In addition, carrots are very satisfying, preventing you from consuming excess calories while snacking between meals.

They promote detox, activate digestive enzymes, and improve your body’s ability to remove waste. They’re also an excellent diuretic, stimulating your kidneys to eliminate excess fluid through the urine.

They’re rich in vitamins and minerals, low in fat and calories, but also with a high water content.

Carrots are a thermogenic food, meaning they help improve your body’s ability to burn calories and lose weight quickly. As if that weren’t enough, they have a low glycemic index and are high in beta-carotene, vitamin A, and potassium.

Benefits of oranges for weight loss

Parsley, Carrot and Orange Juice for Weight Loss

This delicious fruit has been revered throughout the years as one of the best sources of vitamin C, which helps boost the immune system and prevent various diseases.

But another interesting fact is that oranges contain important antioxidants that contribute to the regeneration of cells, good cardiovascular health, and healthy skin.

To show you how oranges can promote healthy weight loss, it’s important to point out that they improve your digestion, help remove toxins from the body, and contribute to the smooth function of your liver.


Oranges contain acids, antioxidants, and fiber that speed up your metabolism, burning more calories and helping you lose weight.

How do you make parsley, carrot and orange juice for weight loss?

Now that you know all the benefits this juice diet can provide, it’s time to follow the simple preparation steps to allow you to take advantage of all of its properties.


Parsley, Carrot and Orange Juice for Weight Loss

  • 2 oranges
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 cup of water (200 ml)
  • 1 bunch of parsley


Parsley, Carrot and Orange Juice for Weight Loss

  • Step 1. Remove the leaves from the parsley stems.
  • Step 2. Chop the carrots.
  • Step 3. Cut the oranges in half.
  • Step 4. Extract the juice.
Parsley, Carrot and Orange Juice for Weight Loss

  • Step 5. Add the carrot and parsley to the blender.
  • Step 6. Add the cup of water and juice from the oranges.
  • Step 7. Blend for a few minutes until the juice is well mixed.
  • Step 8. Serve fresh with a few ice cubes.


This parsley, carrot and orange juice is intended to support a weight loss diet, but it’s not a miracle drink that will eliminate those extra pounds overnight.

Adding it to your daily diet will increase your metabolism and help burn more calories. Ideally you should drink it on an empty stomach to enhance its beneficial effects.

Under no circumstance should you substitute this juice for regular meals or dishes. Once again, remember that it’s intended to be consumed as a supplement.