The Brave People Who Pick Up Their Pieces and Rebuild Themselves

November 5, 2019
Everyone is courageous in their own way. We've all had to overcome difficulties. Celebrate your bravery!

Brave people don’t always make the news. The world is full of anonymous heroes and unknown individuals who perform secret deeds that help them overcome adversity.

Everyone admires someone because they’ve dealt with a traumatic event with ease, overcome an illness or loss or breakup, or an accident. Actually, it’s possible that you yourself are someone who may have recently gone through a similar event. If so, you bravely picked up your broken pieces and rebuilt yourself little by little, day by day. You weaved hope and courage into every torn corner.

What you learned from those moments doesn’t always come from a book or a course on personal growth. There’s a kind of knowledge that one acquires by experience without any other choice.

True bravery comes from picking up the broken pieces of yourself and learning to move on. Let’s talk more about it.

You’re Braver than You Think

brave woman with wolf

The brain is resistant to change. It doesn’t appreciate unforeseen facts or sudden changes in how we see things.

Although you might find it hard to believe, however, there are plenty of psychological tools you have to deal with the difficulties. Your natural instinct is to guarantee your own survival. That’s why even when negative emotions threaten to overtake you, your internal compass will push you and guide you to recover your path.

The problem is that you don’t always allow yourself to be vulnerable. After all, being hurt, disappointed, or torn apart by loss and betrayal can make you feel weak or that you lack the energy you need to recover.

However, there’s one thing we want to be clear about to truly be brave: you need to embrace your new vulnerability in order to become stronger.

Accepting what happened and the pain that you feel in the present is an essential part of encouraging your future healing.

On the other hand, those who resist will take much longer to overcome these trials.

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Rebuilding Yourself Takes More than Just Time

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Despite popular belief, time can’t cure everything itself. Actually, sometimes time may even intensify the pain or lead to an emotional disorder.

True healing comes with the courage to give way to acceptance, forgiveness, and the will to be happy.

Time won’t solve your problems or act as a sedative for suffering. Instead, it’s your own attitude that will allow you to understand that you can never forget certain things. However, you can live with those facts because you allow yourself to move forward and learn from them.

The passage of time can work in the favor of those who decide to open up again to the world in spite of their internal wounds after learning more about what happened. That way, they also make sure it never happens again.

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There are Battles that You Must Be Brave Enough to Face Alone

When overcoming any kind of difficult situation, you will need the social and emotional support of the people you love.

Nevertheless, you are the one who has to take the first step. It’s up to you to be brave and have the willpower to take care of yourself, because you deserve to put the wheels in motion to change for the better.

It might sound harsh and even heartbreaking, but overcoming depression, loss, or betrayal is a solitary act, a process that bears only one name: your own.

No one can cry for you, no one can give you the strength to get up every day and change your habits. Others can encourage you and guide you, but the responsibility is always your own.

brave man with broken heart

Life is Not Suffering – It’s About Learning to Be Happy

Something else that is common is to think that “he who has not suffered has not learned to live” or that “to truly be happy, you must first overcome adversity.”

Neither of these is true. Suffering is not mandatory. In fact, no one should have to go through a traumatic experience in order to find out what it is to be well.

Everyone has their own history, their unique and exceptional frame of reference from which their wisdom and personal essence is drawn. We have all been brave, each in our own way. We’re all fortunate to find the path that has helped us overcome difficult times and given way to what we are now: a person who is stronger, focused, happy, and mature.

Life is about learning, both in times of calm and happiness. The most important thing is to feel proud of everything you’ve accomplished.