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Karla Henríquez

Doctor and Masters degree in Anti-Aging Aesthetic Medicine

A Doctor in aesthetic medicine. She works in a private practice, in which she takes into account holistic aspects to improve her patients' health. She also collaborates as a popularizer with a variety of digital media in articles on aesthetics, skin care and aging.

About the author

She graduated with a Master's Degree in Anti-Aging Aesthetic Medicine from the Complutense University of Madrid and a Doctorate in Medicine from the Dr. José Matías Delgado University, in El Salvador, the latter in 2015. His doctoral thesis was entitled 'Evaluation of gaze fixation by the application of the program of representation of images in 3D compared with the intervention of the analysis applied to the behavior in children with autism'.

In the professional field, she has carried out rotating internships at the San Rafael National Hospital and in the rural population at the Nejapa Family Health Community Unit. In addition, she has experience in the area of Private Clinical Medicine.

She has developed research work in the area of new capillary implantology techniques and, during her professional training, s he has participated in many different courses and congresses . She has also developed a particular interest in therapies for body care and well-being based on scientific evidence.

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